Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween in Fairyland

Last Thursday morning we woke to find our Fairy's door all decorated and ready for Halloween along with a teenie tiny two page letter from Fleur our resident Fairy friend! It's always a wonderful magical day in our house when we receive Fairy mail, or notice something different about our magical little Fairy door. The kids were beyond excited!

 The bat above the door frame and the little wizard sitting
On the hay bale are made out of conkers!

How magical, the Fairy's hold a masquerade Halloween Ball in a Pumpkin each year! If only we could flit to fairyland to attend ;)

The 'Trick or Treat' banner is a real leaf!

In her long letter, Fleur told us how before the Fairy postal service opened, Fairy's would write letters on leaves and send them on the wind.  They also us leaves to make their Halloween masks! How clever and resourceful are the fairies! Enclosed in her letter were two Halloween masks Fleur had made In fairyland. Fairy adorableness...

With so many beautiful leaves blowing around and Fleur's Halloween mask inspiration we just had to give making one of our own a try.

We just collected some leaves and used poster paint to draw 
Our pictures onto the leaf. So simple but so effective, and lots
Of fun making and creating.

For more Fairy Halloween inspiration click here and here and here ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful spooky Halloween,

Have fun and keep an eye out for some Fairy trick or treater's that may fly by your Fairy Door!

Sparkle Shimmer and Shine So bright,
It's Halloween tomorrow night!


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fairy Realestate - Moving up! New 'Fairy Nook'

 This year the Dept Of Fairy Housing and the entire Fairy Council have been inundated by hundreds upon thousands of Fairy's. All of which looking to find warm, safe and secure new homes before the onset of winter. 

Last August we sat down and discussed this matter with Petunia Primrose who heads up the Dept. Of Fairy Housing along with the entire Fairy council. Our solution was to expand on our original standard 'Fairy Door' with houses but one Fairy to a larger abode! We are delighted to launch our new 'Fairy Nook' house. A three bed Fairy Nook, spanning two floors featuring a beautiful 3D veranda. There is plenty of room to house a Fairy or Two or Three...possibly even four! 

Do you have room in your home to house a Fairy or two or three? If you do you can do so by purchasing one of our magical 'Fairy Nooks' via our website just click  here.

You'll be bringing a whole lot of magic to your home as well as helping 'Focus Ireland' work their magic too.
'Focus Ireland'  helps to prevent homelessness across Ireland, for every purchase that is made we will intern donate 10% to 'Focus Ireland'.  

Here's some pictures of our kids helping our new Fairy friends settle into their new home our home :)

Wishing you all a wonderful magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

Thursday, 18 September 2014

DIY Fairy Dust - DIY Spells - Sparkle Bright Spell

Hi there to all our wonderful fairy friends,

You can never have enough magic or sparkle in your life, right! So today I'm going to show you how you can make you're very own DIY Fairy Sparkles and cast you're very own Fairy spells ;)

Firstly decide what spell you want to cast, you might want a 'wishing spell', or a 'good luck spell' or maybe you're planning your wedding and want to make a 'happily ever after' spell as your wedding favours! What ever spell you want to conjure the method will be the same. 

Today we made a batch of ' Sparkle Bright' spells ;) So we basically added anything that sparkled and shined bright! For a 'Good Luck' spell add shamrock or horse shoe confetti, for a 'Wishing Spell' add star confetti and for a ' Happily Ever After' spell use heart, dove and wedding bells confetti. You just gotta get creative and use your imagination.

Here's what we used to make our 'Sparkle Bright' Spell:

Heavy glitter (Bigger flakes of glitter), tiny gold stars, fine glitter, shiny sequins, crystal gems, mini pom POM's, clear bags, card paper, metallic foil paper (if you can't find this use the colour foil paper off a chocolate bar and some tinfoil) a paper punch, scissors, stickers to seal your bags of sparkles. I bought all of our supplies from my local stationary store and tesco.

Firstly We named our spell and decided on the directions of how best to use /cast it ;)
Then we made these labels on our computer and printed them off. Once we cut them out we popped them into the little clear bags.

To make the confetti we cut vertical strips into the metallic paper using the scissors.

The thinner the strips the finer the confetti!

Then cut the ends horizontally. Then we folded each strip in half.

Using the paper punch we made circular shaped confetti using the different color metallic paper.

The kids had so much fun making these, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that until our spell was perfect and complete. We left them by our Fairy 'Fleurs' Fairy Door and asked her to dust our spell with her fairy magic to make it work just right and she did!

Easy to pop in a card and send a little Sparkle of Happiness to someone special! Or pop it in your handbag for those days when you need a little sparkle of happiness in your day ;) We left a few of our spells about our town here there and everywhere ;) 

Cast you spell in the air, twirl around catch the glitter as it flutters to the ground, it'll glisten in your hair confetti and sparkles everywhere!

Put a little sparkle in your day,

Sparkle Bright,

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fairy Door Decor - DIY Autumn Acorn Garland

Hey Fairy Friends,

September has arrived the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, its noticeably cooler and the days are getting shorter. Ti's about that time of the year our Fairy friends return to their cosy Fairy nooks nestled behind our magical Fairy Doors. Here they'll stay sprinkling their wonderful magic about the house all autumn and winter long.

Today we gathered the first few acorns off the acorn trees in our local park! We always make and do something with them, so we decided to make an acorn garland for our Fairy Door to welcome our Fairy back into our house.

On our walk back we came across a Fairy Ring! We dare not disturb it in case their was a Fairy or two taking shelter from the showers under one of the huge toadstools! Molly tiptoed as close as possible and snapped these pics! 

Being Irish it's common knowledge to us of course, that if you happen upon a Fairy ring 
You best leave well alone. Never step inside the ring or disturb it as the Fairy's protect themselves and their Fairy rings with magic and spells. Even farmers here in Ireland will always harvest or cut the grass around these rings protecting the Fairy's within. In the Hope's the Fairy's will bring good look and fortune to both farm and crops!  In case you didn't know and you happen to find one.

Back to our Fairy Door decor, here's how we made our Acorn Garland  so you can make one to.

You'll need everything below, along with an adults help:

- Mini Pom Pom Balls

- A needle and thick thread

- Some self adhesive crystals

- Sequins

- A Drill & a tiny drill bit

- PVA Glue

- Glitter

- Most importantly some tiny Acorns

- Sellotape

We did try to pierce a hole through an acorn using a needle but squished the acorn in the process. The best way was to use an electric drill. It took two seconds and it turned out perfectly!

It's up to you how you want to decorate your garland, we decided to use mini pom POM's and glitter sequence. Put your thread through your needle (double it over) them start adding your acorns and decorations like so:

Continue adding them until your garland is the perfect length. Once complete cut the needle off the thread and secure the end with a knot. It should look something like this!

Then we used some self adhesive crystals to decorate our acorns. You could cover the bottom half of your acorns in PVA glue then dip them in glitter! Or even paint them! What ever you choose to or want to do.

All that's left is to put your acorn garland on top of you Fairy Door for your Fairy to find !O use two tiny pieces of sellotape to secure it into place.

Fairy Adorable!

Such a fun and magical way to spend a wet and wintry September's day.

For more Fairy fun and news check back next week.

We picked up most our supplies from our local stationary store as well as tesco and all very reasonably priced to! 

We'd love to see your Fairy Acorn garlands you make! email us pictures to or share your picture or Fairy news via our Facebook Page

Wishing you all a wonderful magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairy's

Friday, 22 August 2014

Bringing The Magic Of Our Fairy 'Fleur' To Life....

A few weeks back, in our Fairy Mailbox we found a tiny very official looking letter from Petunia Primrose 'Head Of The Department Of Fairy Housing' asking us if we could possibly draw a picture of our Fairy "Fleur" and pop it back inside the Fairy sized mailbox for the Fairy postal service to deliver back to her. What an odd request we thought! Molly said that she had caught a few glimpses of 'Fleur' and she seemed to have quiet a detailed description of exactly what she looked like so we appointed Molly to draw the portrait of our Fairy 'Fleur'.

Golden hair swirled up in a bun atop of her head a pretty blue dress with the sweetest polka dots and of course her beautiful Fairy wings. Pleased as punch Molly folded up the picture and popped it inside our Fairy mailbox. 

Weeks and Weeks had passed and we had all forgotten about Petunia's request for our Fairy's portrait. At the time we had pondered why Petunia wanted a picture of our Fairy we wondered if our Fairy had gone missing!!! or if perhaps we would be getting 'Fleur' in trouble if we admitted that we'd actually seen her :) See our Fairy 'Fleur' is a nature Fairy so she bids us farewell every Spring and heads back into the meadows and fields to help sow seeds, bursting all the beautiful flowers into bloom returning to her warm safe and cosy Fairy nook located on our Fireplace come September where she'll happily stay for the remainder of the winter.

So we had not heard from her for quiet some time, needless to say when we found her standing outside her Fairy door with a special note in hand we were all quiet shocked!  Molly truly did see our Fairy Fleur through her enchanted drawing and a sprinkling of Fairy magic Petunia Primrose made it possible, she brought our Fairy Fleur to life! Here's the very magical moment we found her and read her special letter aloud:

If you too would like to bring the magic of your Fairy to life get in touch Petunia Primrose and her team can absolutely make it happen!

Magical Memories indeed, 'Fleur' is sprinkled daily with Fresh Fairy dust kissed, cuddled and brought everywhere! Molly pops her back beside her Fairy Door eh! most nights 'Fleur' does seem to prefer the bedtime fairytale stories and snuggles in Molly's bed, so Molly says :), We love our Fairy Fleur and all the magic that she has and continues to bring to our house.

                     'Wispering to Fleur some secrets & wishes too'

We look forward to making the magic come to life for you all too, You can order your custom Fairy By clicking the link below: 

Order Custom Fairy

We have some Fairy Fantastic news to tell you all! We are delighted to now work along side a wonderful Irish charity 'Focus Ireland' who share in our belief that everyone has a right to a place to call home. 'Focus Ireland' helps to prevent homelessness across Ireland. Helping children and individuals find a safe place to call home. For every purchase that is made we will intern donate 10% to 'Focus Ireland' helping them to work their magic to prevent homelessness and bring a little happiness, safety and security to peoples lives. You can also make a direct donation to this wonderful charity at any time by simply clicking here 'Focus Ireland'. Last year Focus Ireland provided over E70,000.00 worth of hot meals to those in need. 10,000 people benefited from their incredible services. 1 in 7 of the people using their services is a child! While giving a Fairy a home and bringing a little magic to your lives, you are in turn helping bring a little magic to the lives of those in need. So spread the word and help us spread a whole lot of magic... 

Sparkle & Shine So Bright

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fairy Food and more Fairy Flower Head Crowns

Day two of the official School Summer holidays here in Dublin, Ireland and like magic yesterday our summer weather finally arrived! It's so amazing blue skies and sunshine long may it last....

All has been very quiet by our Fairy Door this week we've not heard from Fleur our Fairy for a while now, but we're not concerned because we know come September 'Fleur' will return to her cosy Fairy nook behind our tiny Fairy Door. Since last weeks blog we've been obsessed with making Fairy head crowns along with Fairy Flower Mandalas almost everyday. Making the most of this beautiful weather and keeping the kids busy having fun outdoors.

Here's today's Fairy Flower Crown creation, Instead of using leaves as the base we used tall grass. Twisting them to forming a circle for the crown. To secure it in place we used some string. Then we added some flowers to the crown weaving the stems into the tall grass twists. It's so easy, fun and incredibly pretty, no princess Fairy would be complete without one ;),

What a lovely day today to have a picnic so for lunch we had a 'Fairy Picnic' Fairy Bread sandwich peanut butter and honey and Fairy sprinkles. For a treat some Fairy fudge Chocolate we just added the marshmallows and Fairy sprinkles to a regular fudge bar. My kids are fussy when it comes to fruit so I helped Molly make an apple Fairy Fancy hoping it would entice her to eat it! She did, if only the fruit company's would put as much marketing, presentation and packaging into their produce as the sweet companies! we might have half a chance of getting more kids opting for healthier snacks.  

Hope you are all having a wonderful magical day having a little Fairy fun in the sun.

Sparkle Bright,

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY Flower Fairy Head Crowns

Never a truer world has ever been written or said 'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it' Their is magic in everyday! Simple pleasures bring the most magic to life. Yes, I am one of those people who'll ignore the mountain of housework and back log of work to be done, to have fun creating and making magical memories with the kids.

Schools almost out for Summer and long lazy leisurely days are just around the corner woohoo ;)

Tis the season for making Flower Mandala's and all things nature Fairyesque. Yesterday was glorious here in Dublin, Ireland and taking full advantage of the beautiful day myself, the kids and the pooch headed to the park. Yesterday was 'International Fairy Day,' so we decided to pick some wildflowers and leaves and make our first Fairy Floral Crowns of the Summer. I meant to do a how to post on these last summer but didn't get around to it. 

Here's how we made ours, if you fancy taking it up a notch from Daisy chains bracelets and chains and having a go. You can use what ever you have or what ever you can find, I promise you they'll always turn out beautiful.

All you need is some string, a selection of leaves and flowers.

When you pick your leaves and flowers make sure you leave the stalks on and pick the ones with long stalks.

Take two leaves and place one on top of the other, slide the top leaf down until the top leaf stalk meets the end of the bottom leaf stalk, the secure them together with a piece of string. ( If you want a fuller crown only slide the top leaf halfway down The bottom leafs stalk then tie them together with a piece of string.)

Continue adding one leaf at a time, using the same method.

Once you have the length you want, turn your leaves upside down place (as in the right of the image below) a leaf on top of the bottom leaf but in the opposite direction so both ends of the leaf headband have stalks. Then use a piece of string to tie both ends together to make a completed circle of leaves.

Adding the flowers is easy, just place the stalk of the flower under each leaf on top of the leaf stalk and secure with string. 

We kept ours simple today with buttercups and some beautiful pink and blue flowers.

 Molly's noticed that the buds off the pink flower looked like Fairy candles, holders and all! couldn't you just image these lit up by Fairy magic at night perched outside some Fairy nook in a tree! So cute so we popped it outside our Fairydoor along with a buttercup lamp ;),

Here's how our Fairy Floral crown came out! 

Have a little Fairy Fun in pursuit of some Fairy magic this Summer... Have fun making magical memories.

Sparkle Bright,