Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fairy Food and more Fairy Flower Head Crowns

Day two of the official School Summer holidays here in Dublin, Ireland and like magic yesterday our summer weather finally arrived! It's so amazing blue skies and sunshine long may it last....

All has been very quiet by our Fairy Door this week we've not heard from Fleur our Fairy for a while now, but we're not concerned because we know come September 'Fleur' will return to her cosy Fairy nook behind our tiny Fairy Door. Since last weeks blog we've been obsessed with making Fairy head crowns along with Fairy Flower Mandalas almost everyday. Making the most of this beautiful weather and keeping the kids busy having fun outdoors.

Here's today's Fairy Flower Crown creation, Instead of using leaves as the base we used tall grass. Twisting them to forming a circle for the crown. To secure it in place we used some string. Then we added some flowers to the crown weaving the stems into the tall grass twists. It's so easy, fun and incredibly pretty, no princess Fairy would be complete without one ;),

What a lovely day today to have a picnic so for lunch we had a 'Fairy Picnic' Fairy Bread sandwich peanut butter and honey and Fairy sprinkles. For a treat some Fairy fudge Chocolate we just added the marshmallows and Fairy sprinkles to a regular fudge bar. My kids are fussy when it comes to fruit so I helped Molly make an apple Fairy Fancy hoping it would entice her to eat it! She did, if only the fruit company's would put as much marketing, presentation and packaging into their produce as the sweet companies! we might have half a chance of getting more kids opting for healthier snacks.  

Hope you are all having a wonderful magical day having a little Fairy fun in the sun.

Sparkle Bright,


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

DIY Flower Fairy Head Crowns

Never a truer world has ever been written or said 'Those who don't believe in magic will never find it' Their is magic in everyday! Simple pleasures bring the most magic to life. Yes, I am one of those people who'll ignore the mountain of housework and back log of work to be done, to have fun creating and making magical memories with the kids.

Schools almost out for Summer and long lazy leisurely days are just around the corner woohoo ;)

Tis the season for making Flower Mandala's and all things nature Fairyesque. Yesterday was glorious here in Dublin, Ireland and taking full advantage of the beautiful day myself, the kids and the pooch headed to the park. Yesterday was 'International Fairy Day,' so we decided to pick some wildflowers and leaves and make our first Fairy Floral Crowns of the Summer. I meant to do a how to post on these last summer but didn't get around to it. 

Here's how we made ours, if you fancy taking it up a notch from Daisy chains bracelets and chains and having a go. You can use what ever you have or what ever you can find, I promise you they'll always turn out beautiful.

All you need is some string, a selection of leaves and flowers.

When you pick your leaves and flowers make sure you leave the stalks on and pick the ones with long stalks.

Take two leaves and place one on top of the other, slide the top leaf down until the top leaf stalk meets the end of the bottom leaf stalk, the secure them together with a piece of string. ( If you want a fuller crown only slide the top leaf halfway down The bottom leafs stalk then tie them together with a piece of string.)

Continue adding one leaf at a time, using the same method.

Once you have the length you want, turn your leaves upside down place (as in the right of the image below) a leaf on top of the bottom leaf but in the opposite direction so both ends of the leaf headband have stalks. Then use a piece of string to tie both ends together to make a completed circle of leaves.

Adding the flowers is easy, just place the stalk of the flower under each leaf on top of the leaf stalk and secure with string. 

We kept ours simple today with buttercups and some beautiful pink and blue flowers.

 Molly's noticed that the buds off the pink flower looked like Fairy candles, holders and all! couldn't you just image these lit up by Fairy magic at night perched outside some Fairy nook in a tree! So cute so we popped it outside our Fairydoor along with a buttercup lamp ;),

Here's how our Fairy Floral crown came out! 

Have a little Fairy Fun in pursuit of some Fairy magic this Summer... Have fun making magical memories.

Sparkle Bright,


Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Fairydoor Inspiration

Ah, today with a little help from 'Fleur' our resident Fairy friend we decided to revamp her entrance for Summer and gave her a Fairy Garden of her very own indoors ;), 

Last night we painted and placed a white picket Fairy sized fence either side of Fleurs Fairy Door, we lay down some faux grass and hedging. Then we made a little garden path out of tiny pebbles and placed a bench and trellis aside the garden path. It looked adorable!

Clearly our Fairy Fleur Loved her new Garden, she certainly was Fairy busy all night long putting her very own touches to her Fairy front Garden.  Without a doubt our Fairy friend is a nature Fairy, like magic she sowed and grew Fairy cabbages overnight!!! 

 The kids are beyond intrigued with 'Fleurs' amazing Fairy garden and newly decorated entrance. Molly wishes that she was small enough to sit on the bench and open the door and pop inside 'Fleurs' Fairy nook for some Fairy cakes and tea! Don't we all ;) 

We've had every kid off the street into take a peek!

We'll have the white picket Fences, Faux grass, pebbles and hedging up on www.mudpiesandrainbows.com by the weekend, so you can give your Fairy a front garden too. The trellis and bench are part of the Fairy garden set that's also available via our website.

Magical Memories you've gotta Love'em

If you need a little help bringing a little extra Fairy magic your way, please do not hesitate to get in touch drop us an email Fairies@mudpiesandrainbows.com, we also specialise in custom Fairy Doors and products too.

��Sparkle Bright ��

The Fairies


Monday, 9 June 2014

The Fairy's & The Shoemakers.... - Freshly Picked GIVEAWAY-

Today's blog post is as always teaming with magic and a huge sprinkling of inspiration.  Last year I started following a wonderful company on instagram called 'Freshly Picked' It was love at first sight I fell head over heels in love with their beautiful leather Moccasin shoes.  Susan Petersons like me started her company with an Idea and out of nothing created and built on her idea and formed her brand and company from her kitchen table. I've been supporting and following Susan and her wonderful company's on its successful journey since. I love when I see snaps of Celebrities like the Kardashian kids sporting Susan's Moccasins I always smile and think you go girl! Inspiration to me and to many that anything is possible....if you work hard and follow your dreams! So needless to say when the opportunity arose to do a collaboration with Susan and her amazing products I jumped at the chance.

See Susan's designs and styles are delightful, enchanting,  they're darn right magical!

Shoes fit for a Fairy Prince or Princess, with shoes so sparkly and pretty there has to be magic in every step!

Molly my daughter Loves hers so much! She's convinced they came from Fairyland. She has not taken them off since she got them! they look adorable with everything from tutu's to jeans, shorts, skirts and everything in between.

 Molly's wearing a size 10 which is the biggest size these cute moccasins come in approx. size 11/12UK. They're amazing quality each pair is made from real leather, they feel so soft and are wide fitting. A very practical, stylish trendy eye catching alternative to sandals and flip flops for the dry summer months.

A proper little Pixie Princess! Freshly Picked are you sure these Mocc's aren't made in Fairyland? There's certainly a little magic in every step!

Thanks to Susan and her amazing team we have a pair of their Fab Moccasins to GIVEAWAY!!! So many amazing colors to choose from. One of you guys will win a fabulous pair for your little pixie prince or princess. To be in with a chance to win ENTER HERE, giveaway will close on Thursday 12th of June '14 at 8pm and the winner will be announced that evening.

To view the entire Fabulous line of Moccasins click here Freshly Picked to work out your child's correct size click here Size Chart

Wishing you all the very best of luck,

Have a magical day,

Sparkle Bright,


Monday, 26 May 2014

Fairy Findings...

Our dog "Bailey' is always sniffing around our Fairy Door, infact when 'Fleur' our Fairy first came to our house she set up home in our sitting room. There her enchanted little door stayed for about a week, until one morning we noticed it had disappeared! The kids searched everywhere for it but it was no where to be found. As mysteriously as it had appeared it had magically disappeared! That evening Jay noticed a Tiny Fairy mail on the floor where the little Fairy door used to be.  With a lot of excitement we opened and read the tiny letter aloud. It was from 'Fleur' letting us know that she had moved to the Bookshelf, because every time she tried to leave her door 'Bailey' our dog would chase her about. She thought it safer to perch her door upon the wall aside our bookshelf until her and Bailey became better acquainted! LOL

Now however, her magic little door is right beside our fire. From time to time Bailey might wander by for a sniff but generally moves on and leaves our Fairy's be! On Saturday however his nose was firmly sniffing outside the door.  I was busy dusting I noticed him sniffing and whooshed him away from the Fairy's little door.  On the little mat outside our Fairy Door was the tiniest little duck blue egg shell!

I called the kids to come see, there was great excitement wondering what might have hatched out of such a cute tiny little shell. Molly had hoped it was a Fairy sized swan or unicorn and Jay thought it might just be a Fairy sized cat! So straight away they wrote a letter to 'Fleur' asking her to let them know what it was that hatched out of the Fairy sized egg. (So Cute!)

The next morning the kids checked the Fairy mail box and yeah the letter was gone but no letter from 'Fleur' replying back. 

The following morning we found green glittery tiny unicorn hooves dotted all around our sitting room, sprinkles and flecks of fairy glitter everywhere. No reply letter need we had all the confirmation we needed, we now officially have a Fairy and a Unicorn living in our house.... I lOvE it!

I just love 'Fleur' our Fairy and all the magic she brings our way,

Magical memories you've got to love'em I hope you all are making bunches of Magical memories with your Fairy friends too!

Have a magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fairy Sized Easter Eggs

I'm here to help you bring a little Fairy magic to your Easter

Even the Fairy's exchange & receive Easter Eggs from mother goose and the Easter Bunny!

To make your Fairy Sized Easter Egg, Simply right click and save the image below.  Once saved open the file and print the image onto card stock white paper. Most stationary shops and news agents readily stock card stock paper, you'll also need a net of tiny foil wrapped Easter eggs or you could use cad bury mini eggs if you can't find the foil wrapped ones. Depending on your printer settings you may need to change the print size to 9x13cm to make it Fairy Sized

Carefully cut around the edges, then fold the tabs on the top and on the bottom.
Fold along each of the centre lines.

Carefully cut out the circle shape in the centre of the circle of Easter eggs, so that your chocolate foil egg will be visible. To assemble the Easter Egg box place a little glue or sellotape along the smallest fold (for right in the image above)and glue it to the opposite side. Glue the tabs on the bottom to seal the base of the box.   Pop your tiny chocolate Easter egg inside and tape or glue the top tabs closed. Come Saturday night place your Fairy Sized Easter Eggs by your Fairy Door. I Am so excited for my kids to find these outside our Fairy Door on Easter Sunday morning 

My mum left these Easter Eggs outside the Fairy Door in her classroom last Friday and the kids were so excited to receive an Easter egg from their Fairy friend Bramble all the way fromFairyland

Wishing you all a Fairy Fantastic Easter and we hope you have fun making these Fairy Sized Easter Eggs and have fun making such wonderful magical memories.

Sparkle Bright

The Fairies


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pixie Preparations For Spring

Wow and in a Blink of an eye Winter is over and Spring is here! It's been a mild enough winter but the stretch in the evenings now are amazing! All the Spring flowers are starting to raise their pretty little petal heads.  When we got back from doing our usual Saturday errands their was a tiny Fairy Mail perched outside our little Fairy Door!

A little note from our resident Fairy 'Fleur' letting us know that it was indeed the 1st Official day of Spring and that she will be heading back to Fairyland to help with all of the Spring preparations. Much to the kids dismay! she did promise to pop back from time to time if she's in the area :)  We've been housing Fairy's now for quiet a number of years now so we never fret or worry as we know that Fairy's will always return back indoors to their cosy 'Fairy Nooks' come September. 

So we decided to make our garden a little more of an inviting place where a passing Fairy might stop and stay the night.  We made a Fairy House and placed it in our garden.  Much to all of our amazement we did indeed have a Fairy lodger stop by our little Fairy House for the night, the kids we're so excited

Here's how we made ours In case you fancy making one of your very own.

For this one all you need is:

- Some double sided sticky tape
- Some Play Dough
- Something to roll the play dough with
- A ruler to cut the play dough
- A jar or empty container with a lid

Firstly cover the outside of the jar with the double sided sticky paper.  Decide what colour playdough you want to use for the walls of your Fairy house.  Roll the playdough flat approx. 1/2cm thick, place it on the outside of your jar. Use the edges of the ruler to chop off the excess on top and on bottom.  We did our walls in three pieces it was easier that way. 

To make the windows just use the edges of the ruler to mark and cut out the outlines of the windows and door. Make and shape your Window frames and Fairy Door out of what ever colour play dough you fairy fancy! Then carefully stick them on.

To make the lid we rolled out some red play dough and stuck it on. Using a penny as a stencil we cut out round toadstool spots using the white playdough then placed them on top.

Once it was all done we added a pop of colour by adding a yellow handle to the Fairy Door and a little hole so the fairy's can peek outside, some flowers by either side of the door and a rainbow above it for good luck. To make the grass around the base we stuck non some green putty and used the edge of the ruler to make grass like marks. 

We just loved how it turned out...

We set off out into the garden and decided on the perfect spot to place it, inside the new Fairy house we put a seashell filled with honey and sprinkled a fist full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with a few pieces of ribbon. Trying our best to tempt a Fairy to stop by and stay awhile in our Fancy Fairy house ;)

That evening as it was getting dark the kids thought that they could see a light flickering in our Fairy House, but we thought maybe it was just a reflection of the sun setting. Well when darkness fell it was clear for all to see for sure their was a light coming from our Fairy House. We had indeed a Fairy sleeping over in our Fairy house, The excitement was adorable.. 

Since then almost every other night we have a fairy stop by our little Fairy House for the night, why not make one of your own and see if the Fairies come to stay in your garden!

Have a magical day
Sparkle Bright