Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fairy Sized Easter Eggs

I'm here to help you bring a little Fairy magic to your Easter

Even the Fairy's exchange & receive Easter Eggs from mother goose and the Easter Bunny!

To make your Fairy Sized Easter Egg, Simply right click and save the image below.  Once saved open the file and print the image onto card stock white paper. Most stationary shops and news agents readily stock card stock paper, you'll also need a net of tiny foil wrapped Easter eggs or you could use cad bury mini eggs if you can't find the foil wrapped ones. Depending on your printer settings you may need to change the print size to 9x13cm to make it Fairy Sized

Carefully cut around the edges, then fold the tabs on the top and on the bottom.
Fold along each of the centre lines.

Carefully cut out the circle shape in the centre of the circle of Easter eggs, so that your chocolate foil egg will be visible. To assemble the Easter Egg box place a little glue or sellotape along the smallest fold (for right in the image above)and glue it to the opposite side. Glue the tabs on the bottom to seal the base of the box.   Pop your tiny chocolate Easter egg inside and tape or glue the top tabs closed. Come Saturday night place your Fairy Sized Easter Eggs by your Fairy Door. I Am so excited for my kids to find these outside our Fairy Door on Easter Sunday morning 

My mum left these Easter Eggs outside the Fairy Door in her classroom last Friday and the kids were so excited to receive an Easter egg from their Fairy friend Bramble all the way fromFairyland

Wishing you all a Fairy Fantastic Easter and we hope you have fun making these Fairy Sized Easter Eggs and have fun making such wonderful magical memories.

Sparkle Bright

The Fairies

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pixie Preparations For Spring

Wow and in a Blink of an eye Winter is over and Spring is here! It's been a mild enough winter but the stretch in the evenings now are amazing! All the Spring flowers are starting to raise their pretty little petal heads.  When we got back from doing our usual Saturday errands their was a tiny Fairy Mail perched outside our little Fairy Door!

A little note from our resident Fairy 'Fleur' letting us know that it was indeed the 1st Official day of Spring and that she will be heading back to Fairyland to help with all of the Spring preparations. Much to the kids dismay! she did promise to pop back from time to time if she's in the area :)  We've been housing Fairy's now for quiet a number of years now so we never fret or worry as we know that Fairy's will always return back indoors to their cosy 'Fairy Nooks' come September. 

So we decided to make our garden a little more of an inviting place where a passing Fairy might stop and stay the night.  We made a Fairy House and placed it in our garden.  Much to all of our amazement we did indeed have a Fairy lodger stop by our little Fairy House for the night, the kids we're so excited

Here's how we made ours In case you fancy making one of your very own.

For this one all you need is:

- Some double sided sticky tape
- Some Play Dough
- Something to roll the play dough with
- A ruler to cut the play dough
- A jar or empty container with a lid

Firstly cover the outside of the jar with the double sided sticky paper.  Decide what colour playdough you want to use for the walls of your Fairy house.  Roll the playdough flat approx. 1/2cm thick, place it on the outside of your jar. Use the edges of the ruler to chop off the excess on top and on bottom.  We did our walls in three pieces it was easier that way. 

To make the windows just use the edges of the ruler to mark and cut out the outlines of the windows and door. Make and shape your Window frames and Fairy Door out of what ever colour play dough you fairy fancy! Then carefully stick them on.

To make the lid we rolled out some red play dough and stuck it on. Using a penny as a stencil we cut out round toadstool spots using the white playdough then placed them on top.

Once it was all done we added a pop of colour by adding a yellow handle to the Fairy Door and a little hole so the fairy's can peek outside, some flowers by either side of the door and a rainbow above it for good luck. To make the grass around the base we stuck non some green putty and used the edge of the ruler to make grass like marks. 

We just loved how it turned out...

We set off out into the garden and decided on the perfect spot to place it, inside the new Fairy house we put a seashell filled with honey and sprinkled a fist full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with a few pieces of ribbon. Trying our best to tempt a Fairy to stop by and stay awhile in our Fancy Fairy house ;)

That evening as it was getting dark the kids thought that they could see a light flickering in our Fairy House, but we thought maybe it was just a reflection of the sun setting. Well when darkness fell it was clear for all to see for sure their was a light coming from our Fairy House. We had indeed a Fairy sleeping over in our Fairy house, The excitement was adorable.. 

Since then almost every other night we have a fairy stop by our little Fairy House for the night, why not make one of your own and see if the Fairies come to stay in your garden!

Have a magical day
Sparkle Bright

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Every Home Should Have A Fairy Or Two Or Three.......

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed all the magic of the season.  We believe every home should have a Fairy or two or three....
Looks like we've just had our second Fairy move in, We even caught the magic moment on camera!!! We had set the camera up to capture Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve night.  We never thought in a million years we'd have caught this! Magic in motion....
So now we have 'Fleur' our original Fairy's Fairy Door on top of our mantel piece, and our new Fairy's Door directly below.  The excitement when we discovered the arrival of a new Fairy Door on Christmas morning, I thought the house might explode with excitement. Especially when we checked the camera and found this video on it.  She left the kids a Fairy mail to say Hi, hoping that we didn't mind that she had moved in :). Needless to say the kids wrote a letter straight back to our new Fairy Friend introducing themselves hoping to find out her name? and where she's from? no reply from her as yet! I suppose she's busy getting settled in and getting to know her Fairy Neighbours :),
The kids are checking the door hourly for a little Fairy Mail perched outside....her magical entrance.
 Fairy Magic you've got to love it....our house certainly got an extra dusting of magic on Christmas morning.
Sparkle Bright,
The Fairies

Monday, 16 December 2013

Fairy Merry Christmas........

Seasons Greetings,

 The count down has officially begun less then ten sleeps till Santa arrives ;)

For the first time EVER our Fairy 'Fleur' decorated for the holidays before us! Her littlest entrance looks amazing, in fact down right magical! Tiny little snow dusted Christmas trees that light up! And fairy sized twinkle lights that actually work.... 
The kids were so excited when they noticed the arrival of the fairy Christmas decorations.

We did not think that 'Fleur' would have decked the halls so good, last week we made her a fairy sized Christmas tree out of a pine cone. Maybe you could make one for your fairy! All we did was make a stand for the tree out of play dough, covered the play dough in some wrapping paper to make it look festive. Then we brushed a little glue onto each pine cone branch and shook some green glitter over the wet glue, then shook off the excess glitter. We cut the ribbons and the star for the top of the tree from a Christmas card and stuck them to the pine cone Christmas tree using some glue. Our Fairy just loved it she wrote us and told us so ;),

Last night we started decorating our house for Christmas, we got a littlest Christmas tree for our kitchen. Every Christmas tree has either a star, a fairy or an angel on top, being a Fairy household we had to have a fairy! We didn't have one so we made one my gosh it turned out much nicer then we thought it would. So I said I'd share with you all how I made it in case you fancy making a Fairy for your tree.

Here's all that you will need:

- A Scissors
- Some ribbon
- Pipe cleaners
- Black marker/red colouring pencil
- Gift wrapping tissue paper
- Masking tape
- Cotton wool
- Regular sellotape

To start with I made the frame of our fairy using the pipe cleaners. I wanted her to be 3D so I used two pipe cleaners to make the sphere for her head and two pipe cleaners to maker her shoulders n her chest. Using the cotton wool as stuffing to fill out her head and chest.

To make the Fairy a figurine, I simply wrapped the frame I just made using masking tape. Just be sure to wrap the tape tightly. 

Once your finished wrapping, your fairy should look like this

Flick up the ends of the legs to make her fairy feet! We gave her a corset and a pair of bloomers ;), using some purple tissue paper and securing the ruffles of her bloomers with some blue ribbon. To maker her dress we bunched up some tissue paper, popped her in the middle and wrapped and bowed a ribbon around her waist to keep the dress in place. We used the black marker to draw on her hair we gave her a ballerina bun ;), and two Rosie red cheeks. Of course not forgetting to give her a pair of ballerina flats for her fairy feet using the black marker we coloured them on.

She turned out adorable! A funny little fairy, it always amazes me when I'm painting or making fairy's once you paint their faces they almost have a personality. This Fairy looks like she loves to dance and sing, that's what the kids think! I think they might be right ;)

Every time I turn around one of them have whipped her off the tree to have a play So cute! I Love it..... I Love that we made her.

Magical Memories made for sure...

Wishing you all a Fairy Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year!

Sparkle a little brighter this season it's Christmas.....

The Fairies

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fairy Fashions

How beyond super sweet! Look what was perched on the skirting board outside our 'Fairy Door' yesterday morning!

A teenie tiny Fairy Hat..... How very stylish our fairy must be! The hat was fashioned out of an acorn top, embellished with a tiny white feather and tiny purple sparkles.

We just loved it! The kids were guessing and thinking what the rest of her outfit might look like ;),

I had been given a beautiful bunch of pure white fluffy feathers from my mum, a while ago and this little Fairy acorn hat gave me a great idea!

We made such the cutest Feather Fairy head crown, We had thought to copy 'Fleurs' acorn style hat with half a hollowed out coconut but there were none in stock at our local supermarket. We think this turned out fairy fantastic all the same.

Here's how we made ours so you can have a go at making one yourself!

we used a long strip of material I had in my craft box for the head band. To glitter the tips of the feathers we carefully applied a little PVA glue to the tips then sprinkled them with gold glitter and shook off the excess.

To make the multicoloured glittery design on the head band we drew triangle shapes using  PVA glue. Then we dusted different colour glitter on top of the wet glue lines. Then we shook off the excess glitter to reveal the sparkling design!

We left the glue to dry by our radiator for about an hour, then we stuck the feathers to the back of the headband using a glue gun. If you have a sewing machine you could probably sew them on.

Tadaa this is how it turned out, Fairy Fabulous we think........

This is our Fairy's back door! 

It's always so lovely to see and hear all your fairy goings on so keep those emails and pictures coming into us.  You can email at or if your on Facebook you can find us here:

Have a magical Day,
Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies

Monday, 11 November 2013

** NEW - Official Fairy Postal Service Stationary Set **

Hope everyone had a SpOoKtAcUlAr Halloween ;), our Fairy Seemed to go all out for Halloween this year the Saturday before Halloween look at all the decorations that appeared outside our Fairy's door!

The kids were convinced they heard music coming from behind the little door that Saturday night! Fairy Adorable..... :)

We are so excited we've just launched a new product today! 

Official Fairy Postal Service Stationary Set, each set comes with all you need to keep in touch with your Fairy Friend.

Fairy's are a little shy shall we say, So you'll rarely see them in the light of the day. Fairy's love to hear all the news of the day and all about our kingdom. The best way to communicate with your Fairy Friend is via Fairy Mail.
Use this magic Fairy stationary to write to your Fairy Friend. Once written, sealed and sprinkled with Fairy dust, Pop your 'Fairy Mail' in to the 'Fairy Mailbox'.
Come midnight the 'Fairy Postal Service' will collect and deliver your magic mail to your Fairy Friend. You never know your Fairy might just write back!
Each 'Stationary Set' comes with the following:
- 8 x Miniature Envelopes
- 8 x Sheets of Miniature writing paper
- 8 x Envelope Sealing Stickers
- 1 x Shaker of Fairy Dust
- 1 x 3D Paper Mailbox

You can pick up your 'Fairy Stationary Set' from our website:

Wishing you a magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies,

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Oiche Shamhna (All Hallows Eve)

Only a few weeks now till Halloween, The kids are already deciding what to wear trick or treating, although its changing by the day, it's so adorable! 

Fleur our Fairy finally put her own halloween decorations up last week! The kids loved them ;),

In last weeks fairy mail to the kids 'Fleur' wrote that she had to move her door to a safer location as our dog was eating her fairy mail aswell as chasing her every time she opened the door. She didn't want to scare away any trick or treaters on all hallows eve and though it best to relocate. LOL ;),

As everyone knows Ireland has always been steeped in magic. For centuries Ireland has been the home of the fairies aswell as the Leprechauns! to name but a few of the magical beings that call this emerald isle home.

Halloween in our native Irish language is called 'Oiche Shamhna' the night itself is also steeped in fairy magic! 

Many of the magic and traditions of an Irish Halloween are now iconic. One of which being the 'Jack o Lantern' which dates back centuries linked to an old Irish legend about an Irishman tricking the devil and when he died the devil wouldn't allow him into hell for his trickery and god wouldn't allow him into heaven for his dealings with the devil 'Jack' was given a candle and forced to roam Ireland for eternity. Originally carved turnips were used to represent Jack and his lantern now we use pumpkins.

I wanted to share with you all two more  Traditions, 'Fairy traditions' that go back centuries. That only ever happen on Halloween night.

The first being dinner, on Halloween night everyone has bacon with a side of Creamy dreamy mashed potato.  Chopped and mixed through the potato are sauteed onions and kale. How the fairies work their magic I'll never know ;), but every mound of mash contains money! So you have to chew carefully and cautiously! 

Coins wrapped in shiny tinfoil magically placed in the mashed potato's By the fairy's ;), I can still remember my mum telling me as a kid 'Be careful I think I caught the tooth fairy putting money in the potato pot. There might be money in your mash chew carefully' ;),

The fairy's also work their magic on our traditional Halloween cake, a yummy fruit cake called a 'Brack' it's so nice toasted and smothered in melted butter.  Oh the fights that used to happen in our house over the ring, I remember trying to keep watch for the slice that might contain the magic ring. The lucky finder of the ring is said to be the next to get married! 


So I guess I'm getting married this year! Yikes... LOL ;),

Even shop bought 'Brack' cakes contain rings it's always been one of my favorite parts of Halloween.

I wanted to share these fairy traditions with you all so you can prepare in advance and bring a little Irish Fairy Magic into your Halloween Celebrations this year.

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies

Ailbhe Murray