Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Fairy Door Decor - DIY Autumn Acorn Garland

Hey Fairy Friends,

September has arrived the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, its noticeably cooler and the days are getting shorter. Ti's about that time of the year our Fairy friends return to their cosy Fairy nooks nestled behind our magical Fairy Doors. Here they'll stay sprinkling their wonderful magic about the house all autumn and winter long.

Today we gathered the first few acorns off the acorn trees in our local park! We always make and do something with them, so we decided to make an acorn garland for our Fairy Door to welcome our Fairy back into our house.

On our walk back we came across a Fairy Ring! We dare not disturb it in case their was a Fairy or two taking shelter from the showers under one of the huge toadstools! Molly tiptoed as close as possible and snapped these pics! 

Being Irish it's common knowledge to us of course, that if you happen upon a Fairy ring 
You best leave well alone. Never step inside the ring or disturb it as the Fairy's protect themselves and their Fairy rings with magic and spells. Even farmers here in Ireland will always harvest or cut the grass around these rings protecting the Fairy's within. In the Hope's the Fairy's will bring good look and fortune to both farm and crops!  In case you didn't know and you happen to find one.

Back to our Fairy Door decor, here's how we made our Acorn Garland  so you can make one to.

You'll need everything below, along with an adults help:

- Mini Pom Pom Balls

- A needle and thick thread

- Some self adhesive crystals

- Sequins

- A Drill & a tiny drill bit

- PVA Glue

- Glitter

- Most importantly some tiny Acorns

- Sellotape

We did try to pierce a hole through an acorn using a needle but squished the acorn in the process. The best way was to use an electric drill. It took two seconds and it turned out perfectly!

It's up to you how you want to decorate your garland, we decided to use mini pom POM's and glitter sequence. Put your thread through your needle (double it over) them start adding your acorns and decorations like so:

Continue adding them until your garland is the perfect length. Once complete cut the needle off the thread and secure the end with a knot. It should look something like this!

Then we used some self adhesive crystals to decorate our acorns. You could cover the bottom half of your acorns in PVA glue then dip them in glitter! Or even paint them! What ever you choose to or want to do.

All that's left is to put your acorn garland on top of you Fairy Door for your Fairy to find !O use two tiny pieces of sellotape to secure it into place.

Fairy Adorable!

Such a fun and magical way to spend a wet and wintry September's day.

For more Fairy fun and news check back next week.

We picked up most our supplies from our local stationary store as well as tesco and all very reasonably priced to! 

We'd love to see your Fairy Acorn garlands you make! email us pictures to or share your picture or Fairy news via our Facebook Page

Wishing you all a wonderful magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairy's

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