Friday, 22 August 2014

Bringing The Magic Of Our Fairy 'Fleur' To Life....

A few weeks back, in our Fairy Mailbox we found a tiny very official looking letter from Petunia Primrose 'Head Of The Department Of Fairy Housing' asking us if we could possibly draw a picture of our Fairy "Fleur" and pop it back inside the Fairy sized mailbox for the Fairy postal service to deliver back to her. What an odd request we thought! Molly said that she had caught a few glimpses of 'Fleur' and she seemed to have quiet a detailed description of exactly what she looked like so we appointed Molly to draw the portrait of our Fairy 'Fleur'.

Golden hair swirled up in a bun atop of her head a pretty blue dress with the sweetest polka dots and of course her beautiful Fairy wings. Pleased as punch Molly folded up the picture and popped it inside our Fairy mailbox. 

Weeks and Weeks had passed and we had all forgotten about Petunia's request for our Fairy's portrait. At the time we had pondered why Petunia wanted a picture of our Fairy we wondered if our Fairy had gone missing!!! or if perhaps we would be getting 'Fleur' in trouble if we admitted that we'd actually seen her :) See our Fairy 'Fleur' is a nature Fairy so she bids us farewell every Spring and heads back into the meadows and fields to help sow seeds, bursting all the beautiful flowers into bloom returning to her warm safe and cosy Fairy nook located on our Fireplace come September where she'll happily stay for the remainder of the winter.

So we had not heard from her for quiet some time, needless to say when we found her standing outside her Fairy door with a special note in hand we were all quiet shocked!  Molly truly did see our Fairy Fleur through her enchanted drawing and a sprinkling of Fairy magic Petunia Primrose made it possible, she brought our Fairy Fleur to life! Here's the very magical moment we found her and read her special letter aloud:

If you too would like to bring the magic of your Fairy to life get in touch Petunia Primrose and her team can absolutely make it happen!

Magical Memories indeed, 'Fleur' is sprinkled daily with Fresh Fairy dust kissed, cuddled and brought everywhere! Molly pops her back beside her Fairy Door eh! most nights 'Fleur' does seem to prefer the bedtime fairytale stories and snuggles in Molly's bed, so Molly says :), We love our Fairy Fleur and all the magic that she has and continues to bring to our house.

                     'Wispering to Fleur some secrets & wishes too'

We look forward to making the magic come to life for you all too, You can order your custom Fairy By clicking the link below: 

Order Custom Fairy

We have some Fairy Fantastic news to tell you all! We are delighted to now work along side a wonderful Irish charity 'Focus Ireland' who share in our belief that everyone has a right to a place to call home. 'Focus Ireland' helps to prevent homelessness across Ireland. Helping children and individuals find a safe place to call home. For every purchase that is made we will intern donate 10% to 'Focus Ireland' helping them to work their magic to prevent homelessness and bring a little happiness, safety and security to peoples lives. You can also make a direct donation to this wonderful charity at any time by simply clicking here 'Focus Ireland'. Last year Focus Ireland provided over E70,000.00 worth of hot meals to those in need. 10,000 people benefited from their incredible services. 1 in 7 of the people using their services is a child! While giving a Fairy a home and bringing a little magic to your lives, you are in turn helping bring a little magic to the lives of those in need. So spread the word and help us spread a whole lot of magic... 

Sparkle & Shine So Bright

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