Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Fairy Food and more Fairy Flower Head Crowns

Day two of the official School Summer holidays here in Dublin, Ireland and like magic yesterday our summer weather finally arrived! It's so amazing blue skies and sunshine long may it last....

All has been very quiet by our Fairy Door this week we've not heard from Fleur our Fairy for a while now, but we're not concerned because we know come September 'Fleur' will return to her cosy Fairy nook behind our tiny Fairy Door. Since last weeks blog we've been obsessed with making Fairy head crowns along with Fairy Flower Mandalas almost everyday. Making the most of this beautiful weather and keeping the kids busy having fun outdoors.

Here's today's Fairy Flower Crown creation, Instead of using leaves as the base we used tall grass. Twisting them to forming a circle for the crown. To secure it in place we used some string. Then we added some flowers to the crown weaving the stems into the tall grass twists. It's so easy, fun and incredibly pretty, no princess Fairy would be complete without one ;),

What a lovely day today to have a picnic so for lunch we had a 'Fairy Picnic' Fairy Bread sandwich peanut butter and honey and Fairy sprinkles. For a treat some Fairy fudge Chocolate we just added the marshmallows and Fairy sprinkles to a regular fudge bar. My kids are fussy when it comes to fruit so I helped Molly make an apple Fairy Fancy hoping it would entice her to eat it! She did, if only the fruit company's would put as much marketing, presentation and packaging into their produce as the sweet companies! we might have half a chance of getting more kids opting for healthier snacks.  

Hope you are all having a wonderful magical day having a little Fairy fun in the sun.

Sparkle Bright,

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