Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Piece Of Fairyland in the Park, Dublin, Ireland

Since 2010 we have been looking to relocate quiet a number of Field Fairy's to our local Park, Rathcoole Park, Co. Dublin. With a huge Thank you to all the Park managers and workers in Dec'14 we finally got the go ahead to move our magical residents into the Park.

 'Fluffycloud Forest'

Fairies are quiet shy shall we say, so moving so many of them took a lot of  Magical Intervention.Thank goodness for the help of  Fairy Petunia Primrose Head Of The Department Of Fairy Housing and her trusted colleague Gnome Tiddly Winks who runs the Dept. Of Fairy Housings Gnome division together they over seen the entire move. Over two hundred Fairy's and gnomes moved into their respective new homes. 

Our Fairy Sized Forest is proving to be quiet popular indeed!

There are two main shops located in Fluffycloud Forest that cater to all our magical residents needs. 'The Fairy Cakery Bakery' bakes & makes daily. They sell the most delicious Fairy cakes and sweet treats. Right next door is the 'Gnome General Store' a Gnome run and owned business, they sell everything you might need from shoes to toys to tools! Strictly magical punters only and business hours are from sunset-sunrise Monday - Sunday. 

You can actually have a peek inside the shop windows at all of the wonderful magical merchandise. 

Dotted around the Forest are the most luxurious of Fairy Nooks all but one of which are occupied,

 If you know a Fairy looking for a new home in this area click on our Advert and get in touch with Petunia Primrose, who heads up the Department Of Fairy Housing. Actually their new head office is located in Fluffycloud Forest on Lemondrop lane. Next Door to The Dept. Of Fairy Housing is The Tooth Fairy's HQ.  Many of the Fairy Nooks are underground in the hollows and the roots of the trees. Protected by Fairy magic and spells most of which are only visable to Fairy's. 

The safest place for a Fairy to live is in your home, already the residents of Fluffycloud Forest have had trouble from wandering Goblins and meddlesome witches and the likes. You can keep up to date with the goings on in Fluffycloud Forest via our Youtube channel where we continue to capture the magic in motion and share it with you all our Fairy friends.

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Why not come and see the magic for yourself our little piece of Fairyland is located in Rathcoole Park, Just Off the N7/Avoca Exit. We look forward to seeing you there and if you have room to house a fairy or two in your house, Click Here to claim your FREE Fairy Door & give a Fairy a home and bring a little fairy magic into your home.

Wishing you all a wonderful magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies
(Free Fairy Door is limited to one per transaction/house. P&P is extra subject to availability)

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