Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween in Fairyland

Last Thursday morning we woke to find our Fairy's door all decorated and ready for Halloween along with a teenie tiny two page letter from Fleur our resident Fairy friend! It's always a wonderful magical day in our house when we receive Fairy mail, or notice something different about our magical little Fairy door. The kids were beyond excited!

 The bat above the door frame and the little wizard sitting
On the hay bale are made out of conkers!

How magical, the Fairy's hold a masquerade Halloween Ball in a Pumpkin each year! If only we could flit to fairyland to attend ;)

The 'Trick or Treat' banner is a real leaf!

In her long letter, Fleur told us how before the Fairy postal service opened, Fairy's would write letters on leaves and send them on the wind.  They also us leaves to make their Halloween masks! How clever and resourceful are the fairies! Enclosed in her letter were two Halloween masks Fleur had made In fairyland. Fairy adorableness...

With so many beautiful leaves blowing around and Fleur's Halloween mask inspiration we just had to give making one of our own a try.

We just collected some leaves and used poster paint to draw 
Our pictures onto the leaf. So simple but so effective, and lots
Of fun making and creating.

For more Fairy Halloween inspiration click here and here and here ;)

Wishing you all a wonderful spooky Halloween,

Have fun and keep an eye out for some Fairy trick or treater's that may fly by your Fairy Door!

Sparkle Shimmer and Shine So bright,
It's Halloween tomorrow night!


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