Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sea Shell Fairy Houses

In our last blog post you may remember 'Fleur' our fairy had brought us back some trinkets from her holiday in Atlantis.  We decided yesterday to clean up around our fairy door because it didn't look like 'Fleur' was going to do it any time soon ;)

The kids loved all the shells and we didn't want to just throw them out, Molly came up with a fairy fantastic idea! She wanted to make a shell city. Little houses made out of the shells. Fairy sized shell houses for our garden fairy's. What an adorable idea!!! 

This was such a fun thing to do and it really was so much fun. We used markers to draw windows and doors on the shells, Molly even drew a winding grand stair case in one of the big shells and a 'Home Sweet Home' picture for the wall (Its too cute). To make the glitter roof tops we placed a little PVA glue on top of the shell, then sprinkled the glitter over the glue and shook off the excess. Molly made the floors inside the bigger shells glitter too.

Once she was happy with how they'd turned out she skipped out to the garden to make and arrange her shell city.  When it was a done she brought me outside to see it. 

There it was nestled among the clovers and the long grass 'Shell City' Beyond adorable! 

She was so cute all afternoon she kept saying I think I seen a fairy fly over shell city mum!

Looks like a fairy did come to stay in one of our fairy shell houses last night! One of the shell houses was open held up with a piece of wood, inside was a bed of moss and some fairy dust!!!  WOW..... ;), 

Tis without a doubt the littlest things in life,

Such fun and excitement, imaginations running wild!

We love the magic of the fairy's do you?


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