Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DIY Fairy Wands

So much wonder, awe and excitement last Saturday, When the kids found what appeared to be a fairy wand outside our fairy door.  So tiny Molly and Jay were besotted by it. All morning they were trying to cast spells to no avail of course ;),

(Fleurs teenie tiny fairy wand)

The next evening we had 'Fairy Mail' in her tiny letter 'Fleur' our fairy asked if we could kindly return her fairy wand. As she had dropped it by mistake whilst moving all her belongings back into our house.  She explained to the kids that only fairy magic can make the wand work! She went on to explain to them that the oldest fairy in Ireland fashions all of the wands for the entire fairy kingdom near and far. Using branches that have fallen from an ancient magical tree. Each wand is enchanted with fairy magic and charms and no fairy should ever be seen without there's! Needless to say we returned the wand and within minutes of leaving it outside our little fairy door it had vanished!

We brought the dog for a walk that evening and jay found a stick, he was pretending it was a magic wand.  It gave me an idea, So I asked them would we have a go at making some fairy wands, maybe we could ask 'Fleur' to enchant them and make them magical! They loved the idea so we searched for the perfect branches and as soon as we got home we got started.

Possibly my favourite thing that we've ever done and the kids just loved it!

Here's what we used, get creative use what ever you have. You are making Fairy wands, fairy's collect all kinds of trinkets and treasures. We decided to use old buttons, pearls and some autumn leaves. You could use sea shells, conkers, acorns ribbons anything you find or have hanging around the house.

To make the wands we sanded the branches lightly to make a rough surface for the paint to stick. We used acrylic paints because they dry fast.  For some of the wands we scraped the bark off using the sharp side of the scissors, then sanded it to make it smooth. It took us about two hours to make three and it was so much fun.  Some we painted handles on, one we wrapped wool around to make the handle, we added buttons here and there. The kids really put so much creativeness into making these and I think they turned out amazing!

Here's our selection of hand made 'Fairy Wands'

This one we wrapped the wool around the handle and threaded the buttons through the wool. Jay painted half the stick blue and used some white paint and a cotton wool bud to make polka dots, for the sparkly tip Jay covered the tip in glue and shook some red glitter over it then shook off the excess.

For this one we added a button for an on/off switch using some wool ;) painted the tip with different colour paints. Tied some wool around each tip and attached the leaves in the middle so they could swing freely. Then we wrote the words 'Fairy' and 'Magic' in glue then shook some red glitter over the wet glue and shook off the excess to make the 'Magic Words' appear

For this one we removed all of the bark and painted the handle pink and orange stripes. We added the magic words 'Abrakadabra' along with the swirly lines by writing the letters and drawing the lines with glue. Then Molly shook the red glitter over the wet glue and shook off the excess.

We left all three 'Fairy Wands' at our fairy door that night with a letter asking 'Fleur' if she could make them magical.

The next morning all the wands were sprinkled in green sparkling fairy dust ;),

The kids love these so much! and so do I ;), Although the kids haven't quiet figured out how to cast a successful spell just yet ;) So much fun last night, who knew some painted twigs and some sparklers could bring so much fun and excitement. Using their imaginations and make believing, It's what child hood magic is all about I love it.

Thank you fairy's for all the magic you bring into our lives

Sparkle Bright,



  1. How blessed yr children are, having you as their mummy must be amazingly magical every day! Dont ever change, the world needs more of you! Thank you for sharing and lovely to read there are adults out there that still believe in and nurture the magic of childhood imagination!

    1. Thank you so fairy much such lovely things you did say, you've made my day! Oh I try my best I think I get more enjoyment out of these things some times then the kids :), We're all keepers of the magic in some way, Wishing you a wonderful magical day, Sparkle Bright little Fairy Sprite xXx