Monday, 16 September 2013

Fairy Sized 'HaLlOwEen LANTERN'

So much Halloween sweets and costumes in the shops already, I love Halloween all the little trick or treaters, the bonfires, the fireworks displays Love it all!

I decided that from now until Halloween each week myself and the kids are going to help 'Fleur' our fairy decorate outside her Fairy Door for Halloween.  

Last Halloween myself and the kids made Halloween lanterns out of old jars, they were amazing! So we decided this year we'd make a fairy sized version for outside 'Fleurs' fairy door.

To make the big ones last year we used sauce jars. We painted the entire outside of the jar with PVA glue and stuck strips of orange crepe paper to the glue. Then using black card stock paper we drew and cut out Halloween silhouettes. One of a witch and a one of a cat, then we stuck them on top of the orange crepe paper. Placed a battery powered tea light inside and popped it on our window ledge.
It gave off a lovely glowing light and the silhouette really stood out and looked so spooky. Here's how they came out and yes we did reward ourselves with some yummy smores for a job well done ;)

We tried to use the same method to make the fairy sized Halloween lantern but it was too small. So we came up with an even easier equally effective way to make it.

Here's what you will need:

- A Black permanent marker
- Orange paint
- black ribbon
- twine 
- a cotton wool bud
- an empty clean mini jam jar

First using your marker draw your silhouette On to the jar, we decided on a witch, but you could do a bat, a cat or even a jack o lantern!

Then paint around your silhouette using the cotton wool bud and some orange paint.

Make sure you leave no gaps and if you've painted over your witch a little by mistake, go back over her with the marker so she's pitch black.

This parts completely optional but I thought it was a nice touch. Using the twine wrap it around the top of the jar and make a handle.

Then to finish it off tie the black ribbon around the top of the jar like so:

Simply pop a battery powered tea light into your fairy sized Halloween lantern and place outside your fairy door ;)

We just love it, We hope our fairy Fleur does too!

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies 

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