Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Fairy Vacation.......

I'm thinking I might just have to write a letter to our fairy 'Fleur' asking her to kindly tidy up after herself and not be so messy! She's always dropping fairy dust everywhere and last week we woke up to find the tiniest white unicorn horse hooves trailed across my kitchen floor!

This morning how ever took the biscuit! Apparently 'Fleur' has been away in 'Atlantis' of all places on holidays. She had such a fantastic time she wanted to bring a piece of Atlantis home! 

Really 'Fleur' the entire beach!

The kids were so excited!!! Fairy sized sandcastles, sea glass and tiny seashells.
She brought two 'Shell Phones' back for the kids Its too funny they've been listening to the sounds of the sea and hoping a passing mermaid might answer! Inside a tiny half opened muscle shell we found a pink pearl!

The kids were so intrigued by the tiny fairy foot prints in the sand.

In 'Fleurs' letter she explained to the kids that the mermaids that live in Atlantis collect beautiful sea shells and make the most amazing jewelry from them.  So we decided to have a go at making our own necklaces out of the sea shells 'Fleur' had brought us back from Atlantis.

So easy to do and so much fun!

All you need is some thin bendy wire, some string, some seashells and sea glass, and a glue gun.

Twist a small piece of bendy wire to make a 'P' shape, the circle part of the 'P' is where your string will go through. Apply a little glue to the top back part of the shell, then quickly place the straight part of the bendy wire into the hot glue. Hold it for a minute until the glue cools And dries. So simple and easy to do!

Here's how one of ours turned out..... We added a little green sea glass to our shell necklace.

Such a fun day, next time you're at the beach keep an eye out for some pretty seashells and have a go at making your own unique 'Atlantis Accessories' ;), 

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies xXx

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