Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Airy Fairy Air Dry Clay...'Toadstools'

Schools out for Summer YEA!

This week I decided to make some Air Dry Clay with the kids we tried our hand at making some Fairy Sized Toadstools! 

So easy and so much fun to make.

All you need is:

- Plain Flour
- Acrylic Paint (White & Red)
- One Cotton ear bud
- Some Super Glue

Take about a tablespoon full of flour, place it in the palm of your hand, dribble some red paint into the flour and squeeze it and stretch it. Keep adding paint until you get a 'red play dough' consistency. Then mold it into what ever shape you want your toadstool to be. Place on a window ledge to dry. Wash the red paint off your hands ;) take about a half a tablespoon of flour in the palm of your hand pour a little of the white paint into the flour, squish and squeeze it until it reaches the consistency of 'white play dough'. Roll the dough into a small sausage shape.  Flatten both ends so it will stand by itself and so that the top half of the toadstool can be glued on top.

Leave them to dry over night, once they are dry use a little of the white paint along with the tip of the cotton ear bud to paint the little round white dots on to the toadstool. Once the dots are dry super glue the white stem to the bottom on the toadstool. Then place it outside your fairy door for the fairy's to find ;),

Here's how ours turned out....

So Stink in Cuteness!

Here's the beautiful Toadstool and Fairy Basket my beautiful Niece Molly made for outside her fairy door.... I just adore them they are so beyond cute!

We've been keeping an eye out hoping to catch a glimpse of a fairy perched on our little toadstool.... No sightings as yet! ;)),

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies xXx

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