Wednesday, 26 June 2013

DIY 'Fairy House'

One of our favourite things to do is make little fairy forts in our garden for any visiting fairy's. We usually make them out of leaves, twigs, flower petals or any bits n bobs we can find hanging around or growing in our garden. They always turn out so fantastic, most of the time they get blown away or walked on by our dog!  So yesterday we decided to make a more stable Fairy House for our garden.

Here's what we used to make ours:

- 1 x Small Box/or an empty Milk Carton
- Some Paper
- Glue
- String
- Scissors
- Decorations - Stickers, Flowers, Glitter etc...

Here's how we made it:

We decided on what type of house we wanted to make, I wanted to make a town house with little windows and a front door but the kids wanted to make it like a bird house! So a bird house style Fairy house it was :),

We covered the empty box with paper using a little glue. We cut out a circular hole for the front door. I had some wooden roof tiles left over from a custom Fairy Window I made for a customer a while back, so we used them for our Fairy House Roof. You could just as easily draw and colour the roof tiles on a piece of paper then stick them to the top of the carton.   To decorate the Fairy House we stuck on some fairy stickers and made a Fairy sized door sign that said "The Fairy's Summer House, All Fairy's Welcome". Lastly we punched a hole in the very top of the carton, popped through some string so that we could hang it up somewhere safe among our trees.

We found the perfect sheltered place to hang our 'Fairy House' and spent most of the evening peeking out the back door window hoping to catch sight of a visiting Fairy Friend..... Oh the magic of the fairy's I truly love it!

Our Completed 'Fairy House'

Such a wonderful afternoon spent with the kids making memories and dusting our house and garden with a little Fairy magic.......
We would love to see your fairy summer house that you make for your garden. You can send us your pictures via our facebook page or by emailing them to
Enjoy the Magic,
Sparkle Bright,
The Fairies x

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