Friday, 7 June 2013

Fairy Flower Mandala

Summer has finally arrived here in Dublin Ireland ;), It's been blue skies and sunshine all week from sun up till sundown. So it was only fitting that I would incorporate Summer into this weeks blog post.  

Those of you who follow my blog regularly will know that 'Fleur' our house fairy is a nature fairy and she has gone back to fairyland for the summer ;), she has been popping back from time to time to collect/reply to her fairy mail and/or to leave trinkets from fairyland for the kids before flitting back to fairyland ;),

The fine weather has my garden bursting with daisy's and buttercups and it gave me the inspiration for this weeks blog post!

I picked a few Daisy's,  Buttercups, Flower petals and leaves and headed up to our fairy door to make a 'Fairy Flower Mandala' Here's how it turned out!

'Fleur' left the kids a letter explaining that this was a 'Fairy Flower Mandala' that they make them in all shapes, and sizes in fairyland to celebrate the beginning of Summer. They hold Fairy Feis where they dance around the flowers under the moonlight. She asked the kids if they would make a 'Fairy Flower Mandala' in the garden for her and her fairy friends to enjoy ;),

My gosh the kids were so intrigued a little shocked and amazed I think ;), needless to say off we went straight away on a nature walk to collect flowers and petals to make our very own 'Fairy Flower Mandala'. It was so much fun! A great use of creativity and imagination kept them busy for the entire afternoon and they all turned out amazingly! Next time we make them I think I will use PVA glue to stick them to paper and then frame them they are so pretty.

When the kids went to bed I sprinkled a little glitter over the 'Fairy Flower Mandala's' that they had made. They were so happy the next morning to find traces of fairy dust they were so excited that the fairy's did come and dance among their mandala's

I hope this has inspired you to do the same with your fairy door and bring a little extra excitement and magic into your house. A little old fashioned fun spending time outdoors with the kids having fun and making precious memories.

We would love to see pictures of your Fairy Flower Mandala's follow us on Facebook and post us your pictures we'd love to see them.

Have fun,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies xXx

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