Friday, 24 May 2013

Make & Do Fairy Door Signs.....

Everyone knows that the Fairy's are a little shy shall we say! So you'll never see them in the light of the day.  They love to communicate with us through letters and by leaving us fairy sized trinkets and treasures.

Our Fairy Fleur is a nature fairy ;) a few weeks ago she wrote and told the kids that she was off back to Fairyland for the Summer.  The kids have been missing her ........ So this week I decided to make a door sign for our fairy door! 

The possibilities are endless, I made two one that says 'In the Garden' and another one that says 'Away With The Fairy's'.

I hung the 'In The Garden' sign off the door handle and sprinkled a trail of sunflower and pumpkin seeds outside the door! 

It took awhile for the kids to notice but when they did my gosh they were so excited. Convinced That she was in our garden planting seeds they ran outside hoping to find her! So Stink in Cute ;), 

The door signs were so easy to make and took minutes, so worth it!

Here's all you will need to make them:

- Some Card stock Paper
- Markers or Colouring Pencils
- Stickers or Shaped Sprinkles
- Thread
- A sewing needle
- Some PVA glue
- Scissors

Using the card stock paper cut out the size and shape you want you sign to be.  Write your caption on your sign using the markers or the colouring pencils.  Use the needle to pierce two holes in the sign and thread a piece of thread through the holes you just made, tie them together. Decorate your sign with stickers or sparkle shapes and that's it. 

Here's what our signs looked like Hung on our fairy door

So Simple, So easy to fuel the kids imagination and bring lots of magic and excitement into your house.

Check out our Facebook page for a little Competition we are running this week just click on the link below To find out more:

Best of Luck,

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies x

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