Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pixie Perfume...... a Fairy Fragrance!


A very retro vibe to this weeks blog post. Where I live during the winter months the greens and streets are empty, Now summer has arrived and the sun is shining my gosh the streets and greens around our estate are filled with kids playing. It is beyond lovely to see them out playing and not sitting in front of the TV or with a video game in hand. It got me thinking about my childhood and all the fun things we got up to during Summer.

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was make home made perfume! So I figured I'd make some and leave it outside our fairy door for the kids to find!

My neighbors what must they think of me out picking buttercups LOL ;),

So simple to do I used an empty mini jar of jam. Picked a couple of buttercups some lavender and used a little double sided sticky tape.

I covered the lid in double sided sticky tape, popped the heads off about twenty buttercups and stuck them to the lid making sure there were no gaps. I sprinkled a few pinches of lavender flowers into the jar and filled it with warm water and gave it a mix. I also put a pinch of dried cornflowers leaves in to and it turned the water blue. It smelled so nice ...... Carefully I screwed the lid back on the jar and positioned it outside the door.

I ahem.... I mean 'Fleur' our Fairy left a letter in the mailbox .......... ;),

So excited for the kids to come home from school today and find it! They are going to love it. I'm sure we will have a go at making a  bottle of our own 'Pixie Perfume'

Tis truly the little things that make the most magical memories and are the most fun to make and do.

Hope you have fun making your 'Fairy Fragrance'

Enjoy the magic!

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies xXx

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