Monday, 29 October 2012

Fairy sized 'TrIcK oR TrEaTeRs'

Only two days to go before the BIG NIGHT! So I was thinking what could I do with our fairy door for Halloween night?  Since the arrival of the fairy sized Halloween decorations the kids have been keeping a very close eye on our fairy doors, hoping to catch a glimpse of some fairy sized visitors! I mean why else would our fairy have decorate her front door if she wasn't expecting some fairy sized Trick or Treaters :),

Here's what I have put together to leave outside our fairy door on Halloween night for the kids to find! I can not Waite to see their little faces :),

I hollowed out a real walnut, in one half of the shell I put some fairy sized candies (mini smarties), tied both halves back together with orange ribbon, To finish it off I made a tiny Bat shaped gift tag and wrote on it  'Trick or Treat'.


In another hollowed out walnut shell I placed some webbing and a tiny black plastic spider, for the other half of the shell I painted the inside with a little pva glue and sprinkled it with glitter (Any excuse for a bit of sparkle!) like the other walnut I tied both halves back together with some orange ribbon and finished it off with a tiny Bat gift tag that says 'Trick or Treat' .


I will leave these outside the fairy door on Halloween night for the kids to find, one walnut being a TrIcK and the other a TrEaT!

If you wanted you could just fill one half of a hollowed out walnut shell with some mini smarties, then make a tiny sign that says 'Please take one HaPpY HaLLoWeEn' stick the sign to a match stick and stick it in among the mini smarties :),

Wishing you all a


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