Monday, 24 December 2012

Fairy Merry Christmas.....

We would like to wish you all a 'Fairy Merry Christmas & A Magical New Year'..........
The fairy workshop was crazy busy this December so we didn't get a minute to update the blog with some fairy Christmas inspiration & ideas. So when we come back in Jan '13 we will do our Christmas posts, so you can get a head start on Christmas 2013!!!! :)),  If your having Christmas cake this year hang onto the tiny plastic figurines and trees that usually sit all pretty on top of the icing on your cake.  You'll need them for the first Christmas blog.
It's Official 'Paddy' the Leprechaun from New Jersey, New York sets the bar for holiday decorations check out how he has 'decked the halls this year' My gosh!!! AdOrBs..... if outside looks this amazing can you only imagine what behind the door looks like!

Isn't that the cutest tree EvEr.. the tiny tiny lights! I wonder whats in the parcel?
How cute he's hung his stocking outside for good olde St. Nick!

Tis the season to sparkle our fairy friends, so sparkle bright!
The Fairies x

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