Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fairy Merry Christmas - Part 2 -

Hoping you all had Fairy Merry Christmas & are having a magical New Year!

The fairy workshop was so busy before Christmas that I didn't have a moment to update the blog with some seasonal fairy inspiration.  So
The next two blog posts will be Christmas themed so you can be inspired and organised for next Christmas :-)

Firstly I have to thank Kylie from the wonderful company 'nic nac nappy wrap' ( for sending me some of their Amazing  'Fairy Eggs'

When they arrived I was beyond excited and unbelievably intrigued! I couldn't Waite to leave them outside the fairy door for the kids to find on Christmas Morning.

Here's how the 'Fairy Eggs' look when they arrive.

Teenie Tiny little multicoloured balls.

So Christmas morning came and this is what the kids found outside our little Fairy door!

A sprinkling of  Magical fairy snow and a sea shell filled with 'Fairy Eggs'
Along with a tiny Christmas card from 'Fleur' our fairy wishing them a wonderful Christmas. Inside the card was detailed instructions on  how to play with these magical 'Fairy Eggs' presents all the way from Fairyland!

Once all the Santa presents were opened we set about making the magic happen, here's how we got on!

We emptied half of the sachet of 'Fairy Eggs' into a glass Jar and filled
It with water.

We left it on the kitchen counter all day, every couple of hours we'd took a lil peek,  after one hour they looked like this:

We could see they were clearly starting to grow.....

We were all blown away by how much they had grown in approx.6hours it was amazing like magic they had grown over 100 times their original size!

Beyond too much fun, they are bouncy and slippery, we emptied them all into a basin and the kids had fun sorting them into colours, playing marbles with them and counting them. The best thing about them is once your finished playing with them you just place them on a paper towel and like magic over night they shrink back to there original teenie tiny size. So easy to store away to grown and play with another day.   Magical....... You can buy these amazing 'Fairy Eggs' exclusively from Thank you Kylie for sending us alittle fairy magic you made our Christmas morning :)

A big thank you to Cindy for sending us pictures of what they found outside their Leprechaun 'Paddy's door on Christmas Morning!
Beyond Adorable and Hilarious :-)

Her kids found Irish Chocolates wrapped up in each of the tiny parcels.
Beyond in love with her miniature Christmas tree complete with fairy sized twinkle lights.

Yeap! A tiny bottle of paddy's own brew of Irish Whiskey for Cindy
& her husband to enjoy. Too funny I love it!

What did your Fairies or Leprechauns leave you?

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies x

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