Monday, 14 January 2013

Fairy Merry Christmas - Part 3

We're expecting a flurry of snow here any day now :-) so I was thinking what a perfect time to make a 'Fairy Snow Globe'. These are so easy to make and are super cute!

I used a mini glass corked bottle To make ours, if you can't find them you can use a mini jam .  

Here's exactly what you'll need:

-  Some Christmas figurines 
-  A tiny jar or bottle
-  A pinch of fairy dust or dried coconut
-  Some sparkle shapes, I used stars.
-  water
-  super glue

If you are lucky enough to have a 'Michaels' Craft store near you I Know you'll pick all you need and more up there.  If not have a look Around the larger supermarkets in their Christmas cake decoration section. Also in their stationary section, that's where I found these Supplies.

Place a bit of glue on the base of your chosen figurines and stick them to the base of the bottle/jar.  Once they are stuck and the glue has dried sprinkle the fairy dust and sparkles inside the jar.  Fill the jar  with water.  Pop the lid on and shake it up, so cute and so Adorable!

Leave it outside the Fairy Door for the kids to find..... :-) 

Enjoy the magic,

The Fairies x

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