Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fairy Pumpkin Carraige

HaLLoWeEn is Almost here, YeA!!! We've bought our pumpkins and are ready to carve them over the weekend, All ready for our trick or treaters on Halloween Night!!
Most years we just carve the pumpkins, place a candle inside and place them on our front porch.  Most of the time the candle blows out, by Halloween night they've already started to wilt and are covered with mold.  The kids are always so excited to draw the jack o lantern face and make them, but reality of it is that I end up doing all the carving and hollowing out of the pumpkins and the kids loose interest after 5mins!
This year I decided to try painting and decorating our pumpkin instead, I'm telling you my carving pumpkin days are over :),
Myself and the kids came up with the idea of doing a fairy themed pumpkin this year.  So we decided to try our hands at making a fairy pumpkin carriage.  The kids were beyond excited to do this Jay who's 8yrs old painted the pumpkin, I drew the windows and door and helped a little with the glue and glitter, Molly who is 5yrs old made and coloured in the wheels.  It was great fun! The kids we're so proud of what we had made they even brought it into school to show their teachers.
It was so easy to do here's how we did it:

Here's what you will need:

- One pumpkin

- 1 x Sheet of card paper

- Paint & a Paint Brush

- PVA glue

- Sellotape

- 2 x Cocktail Sticks

- Glitter

- Sissors

- Markers

 Draw two circles on the sheet of card paper and cut them out.

Colour both of them in using the markers, we used orange but the colour is up to you. Using the  PVA glue outline the spokes of the wheel.  Sprinkle the glitter over the PVA glue lines, then shake off any excess glitter.  This is what you should be left with, something that resembles a wheel:

Using a black marker draw two windows and a door onto the side of the pumpkin. Then Paint the rest of the pumpkin. Ours took two coats of paint! Just make sure to paint around the outline of the windows and door, Don't paint the stalk of the pumpkin!
Once the paint is dry, outline the windows and door using the PVA glue, Sprinkle the glitter over the PVA glue lines, then shake off any excess glitter.

We glittered the pumpkins stalk, just paint the stalk with PVA                  glue sprinkle it with glitter and shake off the excess.

Soooo Sparkley......

We used some sellotape and cocktail sticks to attach the carriage wheels to the pumpkin.
TaDa!!! A pumpkin Fit for a Fairy.....


Here is our Pumpkin taking pride of place beside our Fairy Door. The kids insisted on buying some white chocolate mice, so that the fairies could change them into footmen(So cute!) Unfortunately Max our dog ate them :),
The kids are convinced that fleur our fairy has taken our Fairy pumpkin carriage for a spin. LOL

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