Tuesday, 16 October 2012

HaLlOwEeN - getting into the spirit of the SpOoKy SeAsOn

Halloween is almost upon us!!! So exciting... we've been busy bees decorating the house for Halloween,  Last week we received an email from our friend Cindy.  You may remember Cindy from our St. Patricks day Blog! A Leprechaun named Paddy moved in to their Home just before St. Patricks day last year.

Since his arrival he's been busy settling into and decorating his new home.  Last week Cindy like us decorated her home for Halloween. Later that week tiny tools and a pair of the smallest wellington boots appeared outside Paddy's little green door.  The kid's and Cindy we intrigued! They wondered what the heck he was up to.

A few days later they final got to see what Paddy had been so busy doing. Paddy had decorated his house for Halloween!! With the sweetest little Halloween decorations u ever did see, Check them out!

 Cindy's kids are convinced that Paddy must be expecting some Fairy sized Trick or Treaters on all Hallows Eve, WOW :),

I asked Cindy if she wouldn't mind sending Paddy a letter, asking him to remind our Fairy Fleur to decorate her house! Cindy did and Fleur our fairy decorated her house too!  The kids were gob smacked when they happened upon the little decorated fairy door! Too Stinkin Cute....

This is a picture of our fairy's back door:

Check out the "Fairy Pumpkin Carriage" we made!!!!  I will do a separate blog post on how to
make and decorate your very own "Fairy Pumpkin Carriage" later this week so stay tuned :),
This is a picture of our fairy's front door:


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