Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fairy Sized Easter Eggs

I'm here to help you bring a little Fairy magic to your Easter

Even the Fairy's exchange & receive Easter Eggs from mother goose and the Easter Bunny!

To make your Fairy Sized Easter Egg, Simply right click and save the image below.  Once saved open the file and print the image onto card stock white paper. Most stationary shops and news agents readily stock card stock paper, you'll also need a net of tiny foil wrapped Easter eggs or you could use cad bury mini eggs if you can't find the foil wrapped ones. Depending on your printer settings you may need to change the print size to 9x13cm to make it Fairy Sized

Carefully cut around the edges, then fold the tabs on the top and on the bottom.
Fold along each of the centre lines.

Carefully cut out the circle shape in the centre of the circle of Easter eggs, so that your chocolate foil egg will be visible. To assemble the Easter Egg box place a little glue or sellotape along the smallest fold (for right in the image above)and glue it to the opposite side. Glue the tabs on the bottom to seal the base of the box.   Pop your tiny chocolate Easter egg inside and tape or glue the top tabs closed. Come Saturday night place your Fairy Sized Easter Eggs by your Fairy Door. I Am so excited for my kids to find these outside our Fairy Door on Easter Sunday morning 

My mum left these Easter Eggs outside the Fairy Door in her classroom last Friday and the kids were so excited to receive an Easter egg from their Fairy friend Bramble all the way fromFairyland

Wishing you all a Fairy Fantastic Easter and we hope you have fun making these Fairy Sized Easter Eggs and have fun making such wonderful magical memories.

Sparkle Bright

The Fairies

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