Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pixie Preparations For Spring

Wow and in a Blink of an eye Winter is over and Spring is here! It's been a mild enough winter but the stretch in the evenings now are amazing! All the Spring flowers are starting to raise their pretty little petal heads.  When we got back from doing our usual Saturday errands their was a tiny Fairy Mail perched outside our little Fairy Door!

A little note from our resident Fairy 'Fleur' letting us know that it was indeed the 1st Official day of Spring and that she will be heading back to Fairyland to help with all of the Spring preparations. Much to the kids dismay! she did promise to pop back from time to time if she's in the area :)  We've been housing Fairy's now for quiet a number of years now so we never fret or worry as we know that Fairy's will always return back indoors to their cosy 'Fairy Nooks' come September. 

So we decided to make our garden a little more of an inviting place where a passing Fairy might stop and stay the night.  We made a Fairy House and placed it in our garden.  Much to all of our amazement we did indeed have a Fairy lodger stop by our little Fairy House for the night, the kids we're so excited

Here's how we made ours In case you fancy making one of your very own.

For this one all you need is:

- Some double sided sticky tape
- Some Play Dough
- Something to roll the play dough with
- A ruler to cut the play dough
- A jar or empty container with a lid

Firstly cover the outside of the jar with the double sided sticky paper.  Decide what colour playdough you want to use for the walls of your Fairy house.  Roll the playdough flat approx. 1/2cm thick, place it on the outside of your jar. Use the edges of the ruler to chop off the excess on top and on bottom.  We did our walls in three pieces it was easier that way. 

To make the windows just use the edges of the ruler to mark and cut out the outlines of the windows and door. Make and shape your Window frames and Fairy Door out of what ever colour play dough you fairy fancy! Then carefully stick them on.

To make the lid we rolled out some red play dough and stuck it on. Using a penny as a stencil we cut out round toadstool spots using the white playdough then placed them on top.

Once it was all done we added a pop of colour by adding a yellow handle to the Fairy Door and a little hole so the fairy's can peek outside, some flowers by either side of the door and a rainbow above it for good luck. To make the grass around the base we stuck non some green putty and used the edge of the ruler to make grass like marks. 

We just loved how it turned out...

We set off out into the garden and decided on the perfect spot to place it, inside the new Fairy house we put a seashell filled with honey and sprinkled a fist full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds along with a few pieces of ribbon. Trying our best to tempt a Fairy to stop by and stay awhile in our Fancy Fairy house ;)

That evening as it was getting dark the kids thought that they could see a light flickering in our Fairy House, but we thought maybe it was just a reflection of the sun setting. Well when darkness fell it was clear for all to see for sure their was a light coming from our Fairy House. We had indeed a Fairy sleeping over in our Fairy house, The excitement was adorable.. 

Since then almost every other night we have a fairy stop by our little Fairy House for the night, why not make one of your own and see if the Fairies come to stay in your garden!

Have a magical day
Sparkle Bright

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