Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Every Home Should Have A Fairy Or Two Or Three.......

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed all the magic of the season.  We believe every home should have a Fairy or two or three....
Looks like we've just had our second Fairy move in, We even caught the magic moment on camera!!! We had set the camera up to capture Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve night.  We never thought in a million years we'd have caught this! Magic in motion....
So now we have 'Fleur' our original Fairy's Fairy Door on top of our mantel piece, and our new Fairy's Door directly below.  The excitement when we discovered the arrival of a new Fairy Door on Christmas morning, I thought the house might explode with excitement. Especially when we checked the camera and found this video on it.  She left the kids a Fairy mail to say Hi, hoping that we didn't mind that she had moved in :). Needless to say the kids wrote a letter straight back to our new Fairy Friend introducing themselves hoping to find out her name? and where she's from? no reply from her as yet! I suppose she's busy getting settled in and getting to know her Fairy Neighbours :),
The kids are checking the door hourly for a little Fairy Mail perched outside....her magical entrance.
 Fairy Magic you've got to love it....our house certainly got an extra dusting of magic on Christmas morning.
Sparkle Bright,
The Fairies

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