Monday, 16 December 2013

Fairy Merry Christmas........

Seasons Greetings,

 The count down has officially begun less then ten sleeps till Santa arrives ;)

For the first time EVER our Fairy 'Fleur' decorated for the holidays before us! Her littlest entrance looks amazing, in fact down right magical! Tiny little snow dusted Christmas trees that light up! And fairy sized twinkle lights that actually work.... 
The kids were so excited when they noticed the arrival of the fairy Christmas decorations.

We did not think that 'Fleur' would have decked the halls so good, last week we made her a fairy sized Christmas tree out of a pine cone. Maybe you could make one for your fairy! All we did was make a stand for the tree out of play dough, covered the play dough in some wrapping paper to make it look festive. Then we brushed a little glue onto each pine cone branch and shook some green glitter over the wet glue, then shook off the excess glitter. We cut the ribbons and the star for the top of the tree from a Christmas card and stuck them to the pine cone Christmas tree using some glue. Our Fairy just loved it she wrote us and told us so ;),

Last night we started decorating our house for Christmas, we got a littlest Christmas tree for our kitchen. Every Christmas tree has either a star, a fairy or an angel on top, being a Fairy household we had to have a fairy! We didn't have one so we made one my gosh it turned out much nicer then we thought it would. So I said I'd share with you all how I made it in case you fancy making a Fairy for your tree.

Here's all that you will need:

- A Scissors
- Some ribbon
- Pipe cleaners
- Black marker/red colouring pencil
- Gift wrapping tissue paper
- Masking tape
- Cotton wool
- Regular sellotape

To start with I made the frame of our fairy using the pipe cleaners. I wanted her to be 3D so I used two pipe cleaners to make the sphere for her head and two pipe cleaners to maker her shoulders n her chest. Using the cotton wool as stuffing to fill out her head and chest.

To make the Fairy a figurine, I simply wrapped the frame I just made using masking tape. Just be sure to wrap the tape tightly. 

Once your finished wrapping, your fairy should look like this

Flick up the ends of the legs to make her fairy feet! We gave her a corset and a pair of bloomers ;), using some purple tissue paper and securing the ruffles of her bloomers with some blue ribbon. To maker her dress we bunched up some tissue paper, popped her in the middle and wrapped and bowed a ribbon around her waist to keep the dress in place. We used the black marker to draw on her hair we gave her a ballerina bun ;), and two Rosie red cheeks. Of course not forgetting to give her a pair of ballerina flats for her fairy feet using the black marker we coloured them on.

She turned out adorable! A funny little fairy, it always amazes me when I'm painting or making fairy's once you paint their faces they almost have a personality. This Fairy looks like she loves to dance and sing, that's what the kids think! I think they might be right ;)

Every time I turn around one of them have whipped her off the tree to have a play So cute! I Love it..... I Love that we made her.

Magical Memories made for sure...

Wishing you all a Fairy Merry Christmas and a Magical New Year!

Sparkle a little brighter this season it's Christmas.....

The Fairies

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