Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fairy Fashions

How beyond super sweet! Look what was perched on the skirting board outside our 'Fairy Door' yesterday morning!

A teenie tiny Fairy Hat..... How very stylish our fairy must be! The hat was fashioned out of an acorn top, embellished with a tiny white feather and tiny purple sparkles.

We just loved it! The kids were guessing and thinking what the rest of her outfit might look like ;),

I had been given a beautiful bunch of pure white fluffy feathers from my mum, a while ago and this little Fairy acorn hat gave me a great idea!

We made such the cutest Feather Fairy head crown, We had thought to copy 'Fleurs' acorn style hat with half a hollowed out coconut but there were none in stock at our local supermarket. We think this turned out fairy fantastic all the same.

Here's how we made ours so you can have a go at making one yourself!

we used a long strip of material I had in my craft box for the head band. To glitter the tips of the feathers we carefully applied a little PVA glue to the tips then sprinkled them with gold glitter and shook off the excess.

To make the multicoloured glittery design on the head band we drew triangle shapes using  PVA glue. Then we dusted different colour glitter on top of the wet glue lines. Then we shook off the excess glitter to reveal the sparkling design!

We left the glue to dry by our radiator for about an hour, then we stuck the feathers to the back of the headband using a glue gun. If you have a sewing machine you could probably sew them on.

Tadaa this is how it turned out, Fairy Fabulous we think........

This is our Fairy's back door! 

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Have a magical Day,
Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies

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