Monday, 26 May 2014

Fairy Findings...

Our dog "Bailey' is always sniffing around our Fairy Door, infact when 'Fleur' our Fairy first came to our house she set up home in our sitting room. There her enchanted little door stayed for about a week, until one morning we noticed it had disappeared! The kids searched everywhere for it but it was no where to be found. As mysteriously as it had appeared it had magically disappeared! That evening Jay noticed a Tiny Fairy mail on the floor where the little Fairy door used to be.  With a lot of excitement we opened and read the tiny letter aloud. It was from 'Fleur' letting us know that she had moved to the Bookshelf, because every time she tried to leave her door 'Bailey' our dog would chase her about. She thought it safer to perch her door upon the wall aside our bookshelf until her and Bailey became better acquainted! LOL

Now however, her magic little door is right beside our fire. From time to time Bailey might wander by for a sniff but generally moves on and leaves our Fairy's be! On Saturday however his nose was firmly sniffing outside the door.  I was busy dusting I noticed him sniffing and whooshed him away from the Fairy's little door.  On the little mat outside our Fairy Door was the tiniest little duck blue egg shell!

I called the kids to come see, there was great excitement wondering what might have hatched out of such a cute tiny little shell. Molly had hoped it was a Fairy sized swan or unicorn and Jay thought it might just be a Fairy sized cat! So straight away they wrote a letter to 'Fleur' asking her to let them know what it was that hatched out of the Fairy sized egg. (So Cute!)

The next morning the kids checked the Fairy mail box and yeah the letter was gone but no letter from 'Fleur' replying back. 

The following morning we found green glittery tiny unicorn hooves dotted all around our sitting room, sprinkles and flecks of fairy glitter everywhere. No reply letter need we had all the confirmation we needed, we now officially have a Fairy and a Unicorn living in our house.... I lOvE it!

I just love 'Fleur' our Fairy and all the magic she brings our way,

Magical memories you've got to love'em I hope you all are making bunches of Magical memories with your Fairy friends too!

Have a magical day,

Sparkle Bright,

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