Monday, 15 April 2013

Fairy Sized Post Box

Lots of little letters get written and left outside our Fairy Door. Some are from the kids to our House Fairy  and some are from our Fairy Fleur replying to the kids with news all the way from Fairyland :),

At the weekend I thought it high time our Fairy Door had a Postbox a Fairy sized one at that!

So easy to do I don't know why I didn't think of doing this before!

All you need is one A4 sheet of card paper, Some ribbon, Sellotape, Scissors, Glue, A pencil, a lollipop Stick and a sprinkling of glitter.

I couldn't find a ruler anywhere so when it came to cutting the pieces of paper to size I improvised.  I figured I'd cut a small rectangular piece to the length and width I wanted to make the dome part and then cut a piece of paper the same length and width to make the base once the dome part was folded on top (It worked).  Once I was happy they fit together perfectly I stuck the dome part and the base part together using some sellotape.

The ends were a little tricky! I cut out two rectangular pieces of the card paper the exact same width as the base. Then I held it up to either end of the postbox, using a pencil I traced an outline around each opening and cut it out. I used sellotape and a little glue to secure them in place.  Don't forget to leave it so one end can be opened!

For the stand I used a lollipop stick. I covered both sides of the stick in glue then wrapped the stick with the ribbon.  Then I simply applied some glue to the closed end of the postbox and stuck it to the ribbon covered lollipop stick.  While the glue dried I made the glitter Flag for the side of the postbox.  Using the card paper I cut out a Flag shape covered it in glue and sprinkled it with gold glitter then shuck off the excess glitter. Once that had dried I stuck it to the side of the postbox with a little glue. 

To stick the Postbox to the wall beside our Fairy Door I used a little self adhesive putty. We're pretty happy with how it turned out the kids decorated it with some fairy stickers and wrote our Fairy a letter letting her know how it works in case she didn't already know :),

It's so cute ....
The Fairies xXx

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