Monday, 22 April 2013

Fairy Bells

The kids will be so excited when they get home from school today to find they've got 'Fairy Mail' ;) Since we made the little Fairy sized Post box last week they have been checking it two and three times a day to see if Fleur our Fairy has written to them .... Bless!

Fleur our Fairy is heading back to Fairyland not for ever! just for Spring/Summer. Fleur is a nature Fairy, Spring is her busiest season collecting, sorting and planting all the seeds for the spectacular Summer Bloom. 

She did how ever leave the kids a good bye for now letter and a 'Fairy Bell' a magic bell!

 When ever the kids write Fleur a letter they must ring the Fairy Bell. Fleur said that she will be able to hear the bell all the way in Fairyland and will pop back and collect her Fairy Mail! Making sure they keep in touch all Spring/Summer long. She assured the kids that once her work is done come Autumn she will happily move back into our house for the entire winter ....

A little Sprinkling of Fairy Magic today with our extra Magical Fairy Mail!

Oh the magic of the Fairies I just Love it!

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