Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Easter Decoration and Ideas

It's hard to even imagine that it's Spring and  that Easter is merely a few days away! As I write this weeks blog I'm looking out my window at a blizzard of Snow!!! On the upside it's safe to say the Easter Bunny and Mother Goose won't have to worry about any of their freshly laid chocolate eggs melting as they deliver their yummable treats on Saturday night :),

I just love thinking and planning about how I'm going to surprise the kids and decorate our little Fairy door.  This Easter I decided to go Big on the decorations I just can't get enough of the adorable little stickers n sprinkles! They are too cute. 

Each year we make and decorate an Easter Tree for our house, so today I thought Perfect I will have a bash at making a fairy sized Easter tree and it turned out Amazing!!! I ws given a gift of some Easter sprinkles and stickers from my mum last week needless to say they came in handy for this little project. She picked them up in the 2Euro shop here in Ireland but I'm sure most local craft stores will carry similar.

Bracing the snowy elements I headed out to find some moss and a few twigs.  I literally took the cap off a bottle of a mini hairspray bottle and covered it with paper. Then I brushed on some pva glue and sprinkled it with gold glitter to make a sparkly pot for my Easter Tree. Once it was dry I popped a good blob of blue tack in the bottom of the pot to keep the twigs in place. Then I positioned my twigs, making sure they were firmly stuck into the blue tac. Once the twigs were in place I broke off little pieces of moss and stuck it in between the branches and filled in any gaps.
The decorations were so easy to make, the sheet of stickers had doubles of each little sticker so I literally stook them to each other (back to back) so the image was on both sides. Taking a needle I pierced a hole through the top of the little sticker and threaded through some thread tied it easy as!
Then I simply hung them on the little Easter Tree branches, Placed the tree by the door, stuck a few Easter stickers around the door and sprinkled some easter sprinkles infront of the fairy door.
Here's How the tiny 'Fairy Sized Easter Tree' turned out.....

The kids were blown away! They just loved it...... it only took me 30mins to make it was worth every minute. I've made and bought a fantastic collection of Fairy Door decorations for each of the holiday seasons. Each year I will add to my collection and I look forward to the day my kids will use the same decorations to bring the magic of the fairy's into their own childrens lives a little extra childhood magic.
On Easter Sunday I've planned a Fairy sized Easter Egg hunt around the house for the kids. 'Fleur' our Fairy will leave a fairy sized note at the door with the first clue... Should be fun! For Fairy sized Easter eggs I bought some mini eggs and some malteaster mini chocolate bunnies. I plan on hiding them  around the house for the kids to figure out the clues and find!
What will your Fairy be getting up to for Easter?
Have a 'Hippadee Hoppadee Easter'
The Fairies x

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