Friday, 22 March 2013

Some Fairy Door Inspiration....

One of our very first customers was a Lovely Lady from New York who purchased a Leprechaun door for her Children to bring a little extra Irish magic into her home for St. Patricks Day! Cindy has so kindly shared all the goings on with her Leprechaun since he arrived and last week she sent us a reel of pictures depicting 'One Year on living with Paddy the Leprechaun' it's far too good not to be shared!

One year ago, on St Patrick's Day morning 2012, we discovered that a leprechaun had moved into our house and set up home under our stairs....absolutely could not believe it

Chocolate coins and Irish pennies were left outside his door along with a note and a festive sprinkling of shiny shamrock confetti. What in the blarney stone was going on?
A leprechaun has always visited our house on the night before St Pat's leaving money and treats in our shoes that are left outside our bedroom doors. actually have him move in?? Beyond magical.
Before too long he started decorating! Lots of banging noises at night and a faint sound of Irish music all started to make sense now
 Now a potted plant and evidence of his shenanigans!! Such an amazing surprise, but I have to admit that I wasn't too happy about the dirt left on my floor :-)

A lamp appeared one day and we were all dumbfounded....WHAT? But then we realized that it's so dark in our house at night when we've all gone to sleep that any self respecting leprechaun would need to find his way home after a night at the pub. We completely understood ;-)
October rolled around and he haunted his tiny home much to my delight! LOVED it and decided to forgive him for all the late night noises and countless times that he has hid our shoes and car keys :-) He's a trickster that wee one!
Christmas time was here and he decked the halls like nobody's business....we were quite impressed. He left us a lovely card, small chocolate treats and a miniature bottle of Irish whiskey, which went promptly in my decaf coffee on Christmas night ;)
There's nothing more magical than a leprechaun's Christmas tree....except maybe a sprinkling of sparkling snowflakes! I'm still finding little shimmery pieces around. He's been such a fun house can I get mad over it? We're so lucky to have him here with us ;-)

St. Patricks day 2013 this is what we woke up to find!

 A magical surprise from Paddy this mornin'! And....a back door has now appeared in our kitchen! I knew he was up to somethin' ;-)

We just love it, it just goes to show the magic of our little Fairy doors is really only limited by your creativity and imagination.  Cindy certainly sets the bar when it comes to making the magic happen..........creating magical memories her children will remember throughout their lives and hopefully pass the magic of Paddy onto their children..

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies x

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