Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kindness Is Always In Style, It Looks Great On Everyone...

Yeap, tomorrow's the 1st Of December "let the count down to Christmas begin" I don't know about you but It feels like we've just packed away the Halloween decorations!! Where did October and November go..

To embrace the true meaning of the Holiday Season, this year we have decided to spread a little Extra Christmas Cheer by participating in some Random Acts of Christmas Kindness.  (R.A.C.K)

For my daily act of kindness all year I've been putting sweet little lunch box notes in between the kids sandwiches, I love doing it and I know they secretly love getting them too. Here is a link to the fab lunch box notes I've been using, designed by the talented Lori from fresh picked whimsy.  Just click on the link, print, cut out and pop into their lunch boxes it's as simple as.

Here are some of the R.A.C.K we are planning on doing this month:

- Stick a €1 or €2 coin to a trolley in the shopping centre.
- Share a smile :0),
- Share your umbrella,
- Help some one carry their grocery bags
- leave some money stuck to the pay and display machine or the 
  Luas ticket machine.
- Hold the door
- Stop the bus for someone running to catch it.
- Bake some Christmas cookies to share in school.
- Donate unwanted toys to Charity.
- Get up 10mins earlier in the morning and de-ice your neighbours   
  car windows.
- Courtesy of Lori from Fresh picked whimsy print, cut out and
  leave these happy notes on bus benches in shops or just about

I've designed an anonymous Random Acts Of Kindness Card to leave where ever you do your good deed!
Just right click, save picture and print.

Our first Random Act Of Kindness:

Go on make someones day!

Have fun,

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  1. very thoughtful, there are lots and lots of kind hearted people in the world, that's a lovely idea. if everyone did one kind thing off that list even once a week, and the person who benefited from the deed in turn done something kind for someone else, and so on....... imagine how much more lifted and happy people would be.......