Wednesday, 7 December 2011

"Fairy Going's on..........."

There has been alot of Fairy going's on in our house of late.  Last Thursday morning we spotted a set of teenie tiny fairy footprints outside our Fairy door.  There was a trail of footprints leading from the fairy door towards a pile of fairy trinkets she had left for the kids, with a trail of footprints leading back towards the door.  The kids were blown away by them and the buttons and thimbles she had left for them to find.  After breakfast the kids went straight back to investigate the footprints only to find Max our dog licking the footprints off the floor! Yes, there were lots of tears.......

Here's a few pictures of the Fairy Footprints:

You may notice the little silver plant pot in the above picture, on Sunday our fairy left the kids a present of some magic seeds, the instruction said to plant the seeds and water them everyday and on the 4th day something fantastic will grow! We are going to plant them today so stay posted, we will let you know what magically grows :0),

Today our Fairy left the kids some Fairy Cakes from "The Fairy Cakery Bakery".  One of the tiniest chocolate fudge cake's that we ever did see and a box of fairy doughnuts.  They were almost to nice to eat!! :0), Almost!

What has your fairy been up to of late? We love to hear all about your Fairy Tales.

The Fairies x

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  1. yummy! can you post the recepie asap, they look delicious :-)