Monday, 21 November 2011

The moment my kids Spotted our Fairy Door!......Caught On Camera!!

Apologies for the poor camera quality, I recorded this on my mobile phone. 

My kids walked into our sitting room only to find a trail of glittering fairy dust that lead to a tiny fairy door, that had just magically appeared.This is my kids new favourite spot in the house! A month on and we're having so much fun with our fairy door.

Both the kids and the fairy's have been busy exchanging little letters and tokens from Fairyland (Sunflower seeds aka fairy food, tiny knitting needles and a tiny ball of wool, in return the kids have left the fairy's some shiny pennies and pictures of what they think the fairy' looks like).  The kids found this little dress fashioned out of flowers,perched in front of our fairy door at the weekend. They were blown away by it......... they can't believe how tiny and stylish their little fairy friend is!

It was the first round of this years parent teacher meetings last week, it was praises all round from their teachers! Phew :0), so I think our fairy friend Fleur will mention this in her letter to them this week and maybe include a chocolate fairy treat each for all their super efforts in school.


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