Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Precious Fairy Sized Parcels

We all know how adorable our miniature Fairy letters are! We though this week wouldn't it be adorable to have some fairy sized parcels!!!  You can either make them and leave them at the door for the kids to find or why not pop one in an envelope and send it in the post and brighten up someones day!!!

So simple to make here's all you need:

The tray from a matchbox,
Some String,
A brown paper bag, or I just used a brown envelope,
A little newspaper,
A piece of paper,
A pen,
A registered post sticker from your local post office.

Here's a few Ideas of what you can send or enclose in your Fairy Sized parcels:

A sugar snap pea - written on a piece of paper 'We're Two Peas in a pod'
A Button - Written on a piece of paper 'You're as cute as a button'
A hard boiled sweet - written on a piece of paper 'Home Sweet Home'/or 'Im sweet on you'
A love heart shape & a miniature key - written on a piece of paper 'You hold the key to my heart'
A Star shape - written on a piece of paper ' Your my lucky Star'/'Wish upon a Star'
A miniature compass - written on a piece of paper 'I'm lost without you'
One Fairy light off of a string of twinkle lights - written on a piece of paper 'You Fairy light up my life'
A miniature Globe - written on a piece of paper 'You are my world'
A candle from a birthday cake - written on a piece of paper 'Happy Birthday - Make a wish'
An eraser - written on a piece of paper 'I'm sorry, I wish I could erase the past and right my wrongs'
A cut out or sticker of a sun - written on a piece of paper 'You are my sunshine'
A spring coil - written on a piece of paper 'You put a spring in my step'

Gosh so many possibilities..............

- Decide what you are going to send, crumple up a bit of the newspaper and line the tray of the matchbox.

- Write your special little note.
- Place your trinket and your little note inside the newspaper.

- wrap using the brown paper, secure folds with sellotape.

- Tie some string around your parcel.

- Cut out the little stickers from your 'Registered Post" stickers,

Now in the tiniest handwriting you can do:

- In the top left hand corner of the parcel write the name of the lucky recipient, directly under that    write the city where they live, followed by the two letter country code.  On the one I left outside our Fairy door for the kids I wrote in the top left had corner "Fairy Door, Fireplace, Dublin IRE"

- In the bottom right hand corner write a lil something sweet like:  A little special something for a little special someone. You can be as creative as you like!

- Then just stick the little stickers you cut off the "Registered Post" stickers to your parcel and that's it.

You can pop it in a standard envelope and post it... What a lovely thing to find in your post!! or leave it outside your fairy door for the kids to find how adorable a parcel all the way from Fairyland :),

Inspired by the wonderful Lea from Leafcutter designs:


The Fairies,

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