Monday, 25 June 2012


Being summer, the kids and I at the weekend we thinking we would make a fairy garden for our fairy "Fleur" :),

So simple but so sweet and the kids had so much fun collecting a deciding what to put into it.

Here's what we used to make our fairy garden, you can go on a little nature walk with the kids and get them to forage for the pieces to make the fairy garden.

All you need is some flower petals, Live moss ( we found a bunch on an old  tree stump) some pretty stones or sea shells, some decorations (we used sprinkles) and lastly a good pinch of fairy dust to make it magical!!!

Using a glass tumbler, old candle jar or even the end of a clear plastic bottle. Arrange the garden in layers, first place your sea shells to cover the bottom of your container, next pop in the moss, Easy as! To decorate it  place your dried flowers neatly around the moss and sprinkle with sprinkle shapes and fairy dust.  Your Fairy Garden just needs a few drops of water each day to keep it growing....and best to keep it in a sunny place like a window ledge.

Much to the kids surprise the following day our Fairy Fleur left them a little note thanking them for making her such a wonderful fairy garden :), She also left them a tiny closed clam shell, with a tag placed beside it that said "Plant ME" The kids carefully opened the tiny shell and inside was some green moss a blue bean and a sprinkling of gold fairy dust.  Straight away the kids planted the little blue bean in the Fairy Garden. Their imaginations were running wild  thinking about what might grow! Jay was convinced a beanstalk was going to magically appear in the garden )Too cute!!!

On the first morning look what grew in our Fairy Garden....

A wooden stick!

This had the kids baffled! When the skipped down the stairs on day four this is what they found...

A Pixie Pop Had grown, Yes just one!!! gosh didn't our fairy know we had two kids!!! much to their disappointment they had to share.... :),
 The Fairies xx


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