Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Summer Fairydoor Inspiration

Ah, today with a little help from 'Fleur' our resident Fairy friend we decided to revamp her entrance for Summer and gave her a Fairy Garden of her very own indoors ;), 

Last night we painted and placed a white picket Fairy sized fence either side of Fleurs Fairy Door, we lay down some faux grass and hedging. Then we made a little garden path out of tiny pebbles and placed a bench and trellis aside the garden path. It looked adorable!

Clearly our Fairy Fleur Loved her new Garden, she certainly was Fairy busy all night long putting her very own touches to her Fairy front Garden.  Without a doubt our Fairy friend is a nature Fairy, like magic she sowed and grew Fairy cabbages overnight!!! 

 The kids are beyond intrigued with 'Fleurs' amazing Fairy garden and newly decorated entrance. Molly wishes that she was small enough to sit on the bench and open the door and pop inside 'Fleurs' Fairy nook for some Fairy cakes and tea! Don't we all ;) 

We've had every kid off the street into take a peek!

We'll have the white picket Fences, Faux grass, pebbles and hedging up on by the weekend, so you can give your Fairy a front garden too. The trellis and bench are part of the Fairy garden set that's also available via our website.

Magical Memories you've gotta Love'em

If you need a little help bringing a little extra Fairy magic your way, please do not hesitate to get in touch drop us an email, we also specialise in custom Fairy Doors and products too.

🌠Sparkle Bright 🌠

The Fairies

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