Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Oiche Shamhna (All Hallows Eve)

Only a few weeks now till Halloween, The kids are already deciding what to wear trick or treating, although its changing by the day, it's so adorable! 

Fleur our Fairy finally put her own halloween decorations up last week! The kids loved them ;),

In last weeks fairy mail to the kids 'Fleur' wrote that she had to move her door to a safer location as our dog was eating her fairy mail aswell as chasing her every time she opened the door. She didn't want to scare away any trick or treaters on all hallows eve and though it best to relocate. LOL ;),

As everyone knows Ireland has always been steeped in magic. For centuries Ireland has been the home of the fairies aswell as the Leprechauns! to name but a few of the magical beings that call this emerald isle home.

Halloween in our native Irish language is called 'Oiche Shamhna' the night itself is also steeped in fairy magic! 

Many of the magic and traditions of an Irish Halloween are now iconic. One of which being the 'Jack o Lantern' which dates back centuries linked to an old Irish legend about an Irishman tricking the devil and when he died the devil wouldn't allow him into hell for his trickery and god wouldn't allow him into heaven for his dealings with the devil 'Jack' was given a candle and forced to roam Ireland for eternity. Originally carved turnips were used to represent Jack and his lantern now we use pumpkins.

I wanted to share with you all two more  Traditions, 'Fairy traditions' that go back centuries. That only ever happen on Halloween night.

The first being dinner, on Halloween night everyone has bacon with a side of Creamy dreamy mashed potato.  Chopped and mixed through the potato are sauteed onions and kale. How the fairies work their magic I'll never know ;), but every mound of mash contains money! So you have to chew carefully and cautiously! 

Coins wrapped in shiny tinfoil magically placed in the mashed potato's By the fairy's ;), I can still remember my mum telling me as a kid 'Be careful I think I caught the tooth fairy putting money in the potato pot. There might be money in your mash chew carefully' ;),

The fairy's also work their magic on our traditional Halloween cake, a yummy fruit cake called a 'Brack' it's so nice toasted and smothered in melted butter.  Oh the fights that used to happen in our house over the ring, I remember trying to keep watch for the slice that might contain the magic ring. The lucky finder of the ring is said to be the next to get married! 


So I guess I'm getting married this year! Yikes... LOL ;),

Even shop bought 'Brack' cakes contain rings it's always been one of my favorite parts of Halloween.

I wanted to share these fairy traditions with you all so you can prepare in advance and bring a little Irish Fairy Magic into your Halloween Celebrations this year.

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies

Ailbhe Murray

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