Monday, 26 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Gosh it really has been a busy few weeks!!! Finally Spring is in full swing!!! Yea,  I'm sure your fairies like ours have been busily blooming & painting  flowers in the garden :0),

Cindy a wonderful lady from America sent us this wonderful photo/email. Thinking it was too sweet not to be shared Cindy has kindly allowed us to share it with you all :

"Hope you had a wonderful St Patrick's Celebration! The leprechaun door was such a magical hit here at our house on St Patrick's morning! My tradition, since I was a child, was to leave your shoes outside your bedroom door the night before St Patrick's Day and the leprechaun would leave little chocolate treats and coins. It's one of my favourite childhood memories from my Grandmother McDevitt. I've passed it on, of course, to my children. We have tons of shamrocks/clovers that grow around our house every year and I would always tell my boys that leprechauns were nearby leaving them for us for good luck. one has moved in with us and it's very exciting! I'm sending along a couple of photos - he lives under the staircase :)"

It's just amazing to think that we were able to add a little extra magic to Cindy's St. Patrick's day Tradition.
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A big thank you to everyone who sent us in pictures of  the  Leprechaun traps set by their kids on St. Patrick's Day, We hope you managed to catch your Leprechaun and his crock of gold :0), they were all So Super creative and So stinking cute!!!!

Here was one of our Fav's

Sparkle Bright,

The Fairies x

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