Thursday, 26 January 2012

A little Fairy Reminder!

I'm sure everyone will agree getting kids to eat their greens is next to ImPoSsIbLe............

I thought a friendly reminder from our fairy friend Fleur might get the point across in a fun way.

Fleur our fairy  left a tiny box of "Fairy Cabbages" (Spussel Sprouts in the base of a matchbox) sprinkled with a little edible glitter outside our fairy door today.  In her letter to the kids she exclaimed "Although us fairies invented and absolutely adore fairy cakes, it is super important to eat up all your vegetables. So I picked some yummy fairy cabbages from my garden for you to enjoy.  I seen last year that you grew some vegetables and herbs in your garden, I had a little word with the garden fairies this morning and they have promise to make your garden bloom come spring." she also promised to reward them with a fairy cake (aka a mini chocolate chip muffin) if they eat all their vegetables for one whole week!!!

It will be interesting to see if this works :0),

I came across this picture on google images of a broccoli fairy house. I re sized it to the size of a stamp, printed it off and wrote the letter on the reverse side like a postcard.

Garden Fairies Summer House.............

x The Fairies

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